Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sort of Fall

Early interesting Cars:

 '78 Ford Mustand Cobra One cool dude!

For today:

Central to North Florida have a ‘Sorta Fall’. Not like NY or Wisconsin or Bangor Maine.  You can tell it is different than July and we do have some leaves that fall.  But the color is not spectacular as it is in the North and also the NC mountains.

In central Florida we VERY SELDOM see 32 degrees.  Our average temperatures here are normally 10 degrees warmer than our home area of NC.  But most of the time that 10 degrees plus the Sunshine Florida is known for is worth the effort for many snow birds.

The one thing we have noticed is that the Covid-19 Pandemic hasn’t affected the RV world.  Many people are opting to move into their RV on a more full time basis. It isn’t like you are constantly mixing with other people because in reality we mix less on the road than when we are stationary.

Oh my day was productive. Once I had an idea to fix our pantry in the RV on roll out shelves. Sherry loved it. Even said, “Now I don’t mind looking for the right cans or putting up groceries.”


So  I spent today fixing us 4 rolling shelves. She likes ‘em. I’m on her good side now. ;-)


Pictures below shot thru the window.  Tommy Tux and Lucy on the crd table eating.

                               Nite Shipslog

 PS: This entry after typing took two hours to get it published. IF tomorrow  is like I am fraid, I will wait on my repaired computer to arrive in less than 10 days.  Grand Son Josh has it up and healed.


Lisa said...

Those roller shelves are perfect. Had to show them to Nick. I’m thinking I need some too. We have Fall in the mornings and Spring in the afternoon.

Happy Humpday

Mevely317 said...

What a great idea! Honestly, I didn't know what you meant by roll-out shelving until I saw your photo. Methinks Mr. Tom may have a rainy-day project in the near future. *Smile*

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Leave ir ro you to keep making improvements there. The shelves are a wonderful idea! One of my son's told me the other day he heard that 1000 people a day are moving to Florida due to the nice weather.and housing is at a premium. Glad you could find such a nice place to live.

betty said...

We had rolled out shelves like that in a kitchen with a house we were renting. Loved it! I know Sherry and you will enjoy them for years to come!! I think the snow birds are coming back here too. Traffic is a bit heavier than it was a few months back and they usually come into town late September/early October. Love the pictures with the cats in them.


Dar said...

I love my roll-out shelves in my pantry. They are wonderful. I did find out the hard way tho, that if something falls off the side or back, the entire shelf has to come out to retrieve it. That's the only bummer tho. It's so nice you did that for yourselves...a huge plus. Our fall colors are completely gone now with the rain knocking the last of the leaves to the ground. The only color left are the brilliant red Staghorn Sumac and the Yellow Birch but we're grateful for it. The woods is always beautiful to me.
Enjoy your warm weather.
loven'hugs from up north WI where todays rains are about to turn into cold, cold weather again in the 20somethings. We'll light a woodfire to take off the chill.

Woody said...

Glad yer getting your computer fixed, Sometimes it's the added touches that make things better like the roll out shelves, they are great like a "Lazy Susan" in the center of the table so you can let it revolve till you find the salt an pepper shakers !!! LoL ! Nice Pictures pf the Felines, Young Tipper is still full of it running and racing around the house and basement. Today is 71 and nice out, My Honey is spraying the crabgrass with weed killer. I am taking it easy watching the leaves change color, she is keeping busy as she has Eye Surgery next week to replace a Cornea, they have a donor and she it set to go ! You 2 take care, Love from the Colorful North, Gary an Anna Mae !

Glenda said...

Those rollout shelves are a blessing; I had them installed under my kitchen sink and absolutely LOVE 'em. They save the back and knees and everything is where it can be found easily. You're so talented and as "Handy as a Pocket on a Shirt"! Sherry will give you more hugs and kisses every time she is the one nominated to do the cooking etc!
Our weather has cooled off somewhat here, it's pleasurable ~ in spite of the snowbirds who clog the streets!!! Love and hugs, Glenda

Chatty Crone said...

We don't get the fall colors here in Georgia that we did in Chicago. Still nice though.
I want those rolling drawers!


yaya said...

I have rolling shelves in the kitchen and love them. My Jack was saved from making any since they were here when we bought the house! Glad you're enjoying your new home. I would miss the brilliant color we have this Fall but come January I think I would enjoy your area!