Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Old Man...

 The Uss Independence, I was aboard for a couple years. The Old Man was "Captain Hill."

 In the military the Commanding officer was always referred to as "The Old Man".  I am not a commanding officer now, but I am "The Old Man" in our family. There is a very hard part of growing old. For the most part my life is medicine and problem free.  I am older than my Doctor. I am also older than his father.  My health puts my doctor's appointments more on a level of just talking and a good visit.

As you know I have bitched and gripped about this crazy head of mine.  I am a firm believer if you are a logical person and listen to your body, you will know when THAT time has come to DO SOMETHING.  At present I don’t think that time is here.

This week my girl said, "I need to see a doctor!"  So she did. She was right. The Doctor diagnosed her problem as exactly what she said.  His prescription has started to ease her.  She is a smart girl.  I have been married to her over 63 years now and have learned that FEMALEs have a much more complex body than us boys.  Age adds more problems to girls than us OLD MEN as a rule (MY OPINION!) (NO I don’t know why there are more old women than old men! It might be that stubborn streak thing that I do not have!)

The reason for this load of stuff is, AGE. Growing up, aging, I had friends. We played together, worked together. I respected Uncles and Aunts and older people. I attended funerals of these old people.  I remember family and friends who were at the funerals. That is what happened to all those old people, they died and were buried.

You see in the last few years, I have lost  cousins, nephews, brothers, sisters and a multitude of in laws and friends.

I remember a friend who said he wanted to live to be the oldest person in the world. I said not me, that dude doesn't hold that title long. LOL

Don't get me wrong, I am not down.  I am very happy to be this age and hope I make it many more years.

But in reality all this is generated because a preacher friend, just lost his wife of 62 years. I met him because friend Glenda who comments here brought is together once in Missouri on one of our trips around the USA. This pastor pastored a church that I once pastored in one of my lives when I thought I was a preacher.

I told him in an email, ‘I cannot know how you feel because I have never lost someone as close as a wife.’ My prayer was/is  that our Lord will comfort him.

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Lisa said...

Well, if it means anything, I think Men age better than women. Sherry is smart. Sorry to hear of the preacher friends wife.

Packing up

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad too that Sherry went in and glad she is feeling better.

betty said...

Sorry for the loss of the man's wife after 62 years married! It is good when we know our bodies well enough to recognize the need to see a doctor. Glad Sherry did so and you remember that Jack if you need to go and see one!


Susie said...

Take that head of yours and get into the doctor. It may be time for a tune up. Your wife is taking care to be there for When our parents were still around , their friends were also. Now I see that my siblings and I are the older generation. I used to say that when I got old, I was going to go fishing and cuss...I haven't been fishing for a long time. LOL. Not too old to fish, just too busy cussing. LOL Kidding, although I have my rants. Blessings to you, please see the dr. xoxo, Susie

Woody said...

Happy for Sherry she know when to go, The Body will tell you I have learned when something is not right. Out of my Mothers Family of 13, My Aunts and Uncles only 1 is left in Florida Somewhere, she has nothing to do with the Family, My Dad had 2 sisters both gone, Age does change us, I have lost most of my closest friends and buddies, both civilian an Military ones. Agent Orange took its toll on them ! Happy you don't have to take all that Meds, I do to stay alive ! Off to work on the Boiler, My Rate has changed from MA1 Wood to DM3 Wood or HM3. Sending down Lots of Love and Cherry Thoughts ! Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am not as old you as you, but am quickly getting there. Except for a couple of aunts still living, I'm the oldest of my family. I'm older than my doctor too, They keep getting younger all the time. I'm old and glad to be at the point of my life where age doesn't bother me. I'm content with who I am. I agree our bodies will tell up when it's time for help. Glad your Sherry is such a smart lady. Sometimes we just need the assurance that every thing is all right too. We may be old, but we are still getting better every day !

Mevely317 said...

Well, okay. Props to Sherry for proving that old saying about 'being one's own health advocate' right! But would it hurt to get a quick look-see and, if necessary, a tune-up?
I belong to a private (hometown) Facebook group which, among other things, publishes alumni news ... and obits. Unsettling, I tell ya! Shoot, I remember those grandparents, aunts and uncles. According to my parents, they all died of something called 'old age.' Never did figure that one out.

Dar said...

I've been trying hard, to understand when all this ' aging ' started to happen to me. I look in the mirror and say, who are you? Just this morning I was wondering where the past 30 years went. Age has a way of creeping up on us but to be content in our bodies is the best we can do. I'm glad for Sherry to know when her body is telling her something that needs tending. My prayers for you Jack, that your head quits spinning long enough to hear yourself. You'll know when it's time to see your younger than all of us, doc.
loven'hugs from up north where it was another pleasant fall day, tho windy.