Thursday, October 8, 2020

Wrong door, drawer and light switch

  Early interesting Truck:


1959 Chevy Apachie  

For today:

If you are a mover you know what I am saying.  When doing dishes, the silverware drawer is not where you are used to it being, so you open three drawers before ‘remembering.’


For this to be a trailer it has more cabinets than most houses do. Sooooo you open more cabinet doors looking for the cups or plates. We still have several empty doors and drawers, but know that will not last long. When we Americans have an empty space, WE WILL FILL IT, I think it is a law of (our) nature.


And those light switches. There are three in the living  room and two are one over one rather than side-by-side.  I get the wrong one most times. Same with the bed room, one is for the fan, the other for the light. I hit the fan first, EVERY TIME so far.


Life is good, I am doing better. However the neighbor is a snow bird and has not arrived yet. There is a tangerine that is approaching RIPE  and it keeps tempting me. LOL


Citrus is different than most fruits. You know if you pick green apples or tomatoes, they will continue to ripen some. Citrus fruit doesn’t do that, it stays as it is plucked.


Our grapefruit tree has fruit, but doesn’t look healthy. The lemon is full and healthy.  Our Orange tree is really a bush now and has much fruit.  I will try to get some good pictures as the fruit turns.


I am a fruit eater. As I type this I have an apple, banana, tangerine with assorted nuts in a bowl to snack on.  One of my wife’s ‘few sins’ was asking me to ‘get’ her an orange off a tree in someone’s grove, and of course I did.  That was our first trip to Florida in the 1950s and she had never seen oranges growing.


Here is hoping your life is good and thanks for stopping by.


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Lisa said...

We have lived in this house for 12 years and Nick still cant find things I put away.
And I still flip the light switch instead of the ceiling fan, often startling Nick in the middle of the night.

From gtown

betty said...

It is hard to get used to where things are after one moves. It does get easier in time! Glad you are doing a bit better!!


Glenda said...

Your new place is looking so good!!! And you'll get those switches figured out ~ we are creatures of habit ~ read somewhere it takes 30 days of repetition to develop a new habit! Your citrus grove sounds wonderful. Enjoy....warm hugs. Glenda

Chatty Crone said...

Your home is wonderful. I still get the switches wrong at times. Your fruit trees sound wonderful. Wish you could take one!

Mevely317 said...

I didn't realize that about the ripening process!
We've been here 3-1/2 years and I still forget what switch is what. Like Tommy Edwards sings, "It's all in the game."

Susie said...

Since you like fruit, you should have your trees treated so the fruit is good. You are a healthy snacker, that's good. Blessings to you and Sherry, xoxo, Susie
p.s. hope you are feeling better.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so right, if we have an empty space, we will fill it. Glad you havel space to spare. Here every nook and cranny is filled to overflowing. How wonderful to have your own fresh fruit growing there. That's a bonus for sure. Enjoy all the wonderful bounty your new home is providing !

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