Saturday, October 31, 2020

It was always someone else!

 Early interesting Cars:


Well, it is halloween  tonight!

For today:

For years I have heard friends and relatives mention stuff like:

….. I am so tired

….. My muscles ache

….. I get up all during the night to pee.

….. I keep forgetting things, some of them important.

….. It seems like a lot of people mumble when the talk.

….. My arm isn’t long enough for me to read anymore.

…… What day is it?

…… Did someone ask the blessing before we started eating?

…… I left my grocery list at home again!



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PS: AND…..Halloween used to be so much fun! Even before trick or treating. When I was a kid we never heard of trick or treating…..  LOL BUT, but this year I do have a mask!


Chatty Crone said...

Now it is us too!

Mevely317 said...

My goodness, I 'resemble' every one of these. Yep, never thought those sort of things would happen to me. Bullet-proof, ya. Hahahaha.

Woody said...

I say those things ! And a Lot of "Do you know where this is or That is " ?????? Happy Halloween ! Sending down Love from the Chilly North, Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

I can relate to some of those things on that list, Jack :) Happy Halloween to you and Sherry!


yaya said...

I could go down that list with checks. But I can't find the list! Ha! Actually many on that list are my new normal and I just deal with it. I'm trying hard not to talk about my health, pains, bathroom habits or what I ate for my's not fun getting old but it does beat the alternative!

Glenda said...

Yep, I can relate to everything on the list...and post-it note "reminders" that get misplaced! Happy November, I'll be so glad when this election is finalized ~ what a nightmare. I early voted last Sunday, just want to see this one over.
Not one trick or treater in my neighborhood last night, it's a different world since Covid. One of my dear friends phoned to say she was positive, it's scary. Y'all stay safe, hugs from Chobee. Glenda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

see now it is us doing and saying all those things. Somehow we got older. We've been wet and cold here and all the sudden I think my bones froze up. It's getting harder to move. Arthritus has made itself known. At least you are where it is warmer, it could be worse.

Lisa said...

I can relate to every one of these sayings. Im there already.

Cute post