Friday, October 2, 2020

Cats, yep cats. and then a break.

 I remember when there were dogs that roamed loose.  A a kid I never met a dog I didn't like.   NOW Cats? After losing my Tom (as a child) when he returned to our previous home, I never had another. I was never drawn to cats because they are so danged independent. Call a dog and he will come, call a cat?  ha, can you even call one?

But since meeting and losing Stormy D. I got kinda attached to cats.  Now here,  soon after moving in I spotted is a  multi-colored 'wild cat', I am calling it Scruffy.  We had some weiners out of date so I started leaving it one cut up. It wasn't long until a black and white one came over, Sherry calls him 'Tux' (Tuxedo).

Yesterday I tried Vienna Sausage, and old Tux came over ate and allowed some petting, he is a Tom. But old Scruffy will get within 6 ft, but no petting.  Today Sherry and I were both petting old Tux, with Scruffy looking on.  I have a feeling that old Tux belongs to a family near here and just likes the extra food.  Not sure about old Scruffy.

I mentioned I ain't feeling too well with this crazy head. I am planning to drive the coach to the RV shop.  I have somethings that need to be stabilized. I  tried to lay under the coach to do just that today and my head went bonkers. So I am gonna get things done very slowly.  I may be missing from Bloggerville for a few days.  But I shall return and put some pictures of my new challenge, meeting old Scruffy up close.

See you in a few,

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Chatty Crone said...

Are you saying you are dizzy? I am a bit too today. I hope you can work on your RV tomorrow and drive. GET SOME REST!

betty said...

Take care of yourself, Jack!! See a doctor if you need to!! How fun there may be more cat tales down the road. Stormy will always live on in our hearts I think!


Susie said...

Prayers for you Jack. Take care of yourself. Be wise and see your doctor. I am going to mine again this week. LOL. Blessings to you and Sherry, xoxo, Susie

Lisa said...

Wanna know a little cat fact? Only female cats are calico (three or more colors). If you ever find a male calico, it is very rare and comes with a high price tag.
Hope your head starts feeling better. I have had a rough morning. My allergies are through the roof.
Took a pill and hope it kicks in so I can catch up with Nick on his walk around the campground.

Happy weekend!

Woody said...

"Steady as She Goes" Jack, I am sure "Scruffy" will come around sooner or later, Knew you had a Big Heart for critters, We keep "Tipper" well fed and do not let her outside due to deer ticks and we want a house cat, she now owns the house and we live with her !!!LoL !! Take Care, feel Better, get to the doctor and sending down lots of Love to you and Sherry ! Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

I've resisted getting a feline for exactly the same reason you said. Life tough enough ... who needs more rejection? (*smile*)
Love your and Sherry's tender hearts for all God's creatures, and look forward to those pictures. Meanwhile, PLEASE take it easy; I'm counting on seeing you in a few!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Go slow but sure and take breaks and rest in between. There's no hurry. Better safe than sorry. It' seems there are always stray cats around to feed. Whether they belong to someone or not, they're alsays around . A cat will come when there's food around. Feed one and they're your friend for life. Take good care and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Dar said...

First concern is you and that dizzy head. Please go see your doc. Like my Mama would say, " There's a pill for that..." I don't know that there is but it is concerning that this is going on so long. Easy does it my friend.
Nice you have feline friends again. I know how you miss those in NC. It's a nicer day today, the sun wants to peek out so we took a ride in the UTV on our trails and my guy got his first partridge of this fall's hunt. The bird and Buttercup Squash will be our supper.
loven'hugs from up north as we send prayers of good health your way for both of you........and your strays.

Glenda said...

So, will echo the above comments; my first thought was "you may need to check with your Doctor"...Lots of love. Glenda

Susan Kane said...

Get that head looked at. Go to the Dr. and take care of it.

I have found that men want to shake things off, say it's okay. Then something happens and Sherry thumps you silly.

A fellow blogger, Rick Watson at Life 101, wasn't feeling well, went to see Dr. who ran some tests. He was to go back tomorrow to see results, wrote about that and then died in the night. Heart attack?


Take care of your head. nothing to fool with at your age. sending prayers.