Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Still no Motor home, but there is Tarryterre, Mel, Dar and Cher

Cars of Art:
An early 1940-50 Customized Caddy

Now for tonight:
We are still having a tough time living in our old house. This house is the third one we built for us. Each one was to be the last.  This house is the one we left about 20 years ago to live ‘on the road’ in a motorhome.  When we took off we had no idea how long it would last. The house has been leased out. The last person to live here was my sister Shirley. Now that we are forced OUT of our mobile-estate, we realize for now, that is where we belong. We are anxiously waiting an update call.

We know we cannot stay on the road forever, but we have friends who have driven and maneuvered coaches well into their 80s. I do not know of a 90 year old full timer. We (or maybe I) are shooting for my mid eighties. Sherry only drives now for a short relief for me, she says she is not comfortable in the driver’s seat anymore.  Enough of our history.

If you read ‘Tarryterre’ or her ‘The scooter Lady Rides Again’ you know she is a witty lady. She is big on seasons and hats. 'The Scooter lady' was always short ‘Shots’ of a witty nature. That has been quiet for a couple years. But there was a time TT & hubby had a personal mystery (or problem) someone nearly beat their door in trying a LOUD home invasion.  We all sat awaiting insurance payments and a door replacement. They lived with the damaged door for a while. She pens an interesting Blog.

There are three interesting ladies, sisters, who live in the Northern woods, from the BIG 'O" family. Well Cher, (Cher Shots) is actually a little further north and a Yooper (Upper Michigan). Mel always had a lot of pictures and Dar had an informative blog. Dar still comments but all three ladies have ‘set back’ on their blogs.

We actually got to meet Dar & Mel and spend some time with them. This bunch is one interesting family. They live off the land, hunt, trap, & grow their veggies. They still can and freeze like mama used to do. They even make syrup,  grow mushrooms and pumpkins. Dar & Bill have a beautiful long house way back in the woods.

We met Sara, Mel and Slims sweet daughter and a son and grandson of Dar’s. I met Sy, who tagged me ‘magic Jack’. One of the highlights that year was meeting the mother of the clan, just a little older than Sherry & I but sharp as a tack. At that time she was still using a rifle and hunting for her winter meat. She got her deer again the next season.

Just thinking of these guys and YOU reading, is making this summer end on a nicer note than it was. THANKS.

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jack69 said...

Our internet is sketchy today and tonight. I am hoping the post got on.

Chatty Crone said...

It did - still no motor home - where are you?

Ever think maybe you need to stay home - grounded - that is what it is all telling you?

You have lovely friends - and I love Dar too. We have been pen pal sisters for a long time - she has taught me so much over the years.

I hope you get things settled.

Lisa said...

I do read Tarryterre and yes she is whitty. As for Mel and Dar, I need to go check them out!
Hope you get back to your home soon. I keep thinking how you two must feel.

Hang in there Jack!

betty said...

I hope you and Sherry find out soon what is happening with the motor home and get a date when it will be fixed. Waiting can be so hard, especially when you are eager to get back to that type of living. I do admire Sherry that she was wise enough to acknowledge she no longer felt comfortable behind the wheel of it. I know I don't feel comfortable on freeways anymore.

I do like reading Tarryterre. She also does another blog (the name escapes me right now) when she lists her finds in secondhand stores. She doesn't post much there either, but always a good read. I haven't followed your other ones mentioned, but they do sound interesting. Any woman who can hunt, no matter what their age, gets my respect and admiration!


Mevely317 said...

I, too, enjoy following Taryterre … and grow concerned if she's sometimes MIA for long. Just like family … which I suppose is what we are.
Love how you're celebrating the ordinary everyday. Thank you!

Dar said...

So sweet of you to mention we northern sisters and mom. Speaking of that fine lady Mom of mine, she still hunts at 89 and usually always harvests her deer and then cans some of the meat for stews. My sisters and I have all been MIA haven't we. Cher and Mel are regulars on FB and they keep in touch with Sherry, I believe. I do hope to get back to blogging this winter........hmmmm, we're supposed to have snow by morning!!! Andy's Sy was just here for the weekend, love that kid. You wouldn't believe it Jack, he's 15 and over 6 ft. already. You remember a little red head around 8 or so. He still remembers your coin ' tricks' and the magic coloring book. You left quite an impression on him, and He loved showing how to put a frog to sleep at the log cabin. Thanks for the shout-out. You're too kind, my friend.
love n' hugs from our wetter than usual north. Hopefully soon, you will be back in your wheel=estate...your close,comfortable home sweet home.


thank you for the shoutout jack. i don't blog as much as i used to. but i always try to comment.