Sunday, October 21, 2018

One size fits all, the Flag

Automobile’s of Art:
 1935 Dueusenberg

Alert... Refrig report..... still smells bad!  :-(
 But for tonight:

I took a break from worrying with this frig and finished installing a ceiling fan on the screened in porch of the ‘guest house’.

Day before yesterday I ordered a new flag of the USA and Sherry a pair of Vionic walking shoes.  They were delivered today!  I am always concerned about ordering shoes or clothes, we all know that sizes vary a bit with manufacturers. But the shoes fit, SO DID THE FLAG. BUT then, “One size fits all.” It is the country it represents that counts.

From a child during WWII, I have loved to see the stars and stripes flying. I have always respected the ensign of our country and hurt down inside when I see it mistreated. That flag represents the greatest country in the world. 

Together Sherry and I have visited over 26 countries.  I loved seeing them and respect their culture, but NONE called to me, “Hey Jack, you should live here!”  I am sure many of those countries had citizens that felt the same about their country. But this is me and MY country.

Sherry and I were talking today about this country. I have not ‘liked’ every president and administration in my 79 years, but I respected the offices.  This country is strong and able to outlive and survive any president and administration that holds office.

Our forefathers who put together the constitution did a beautiful and wonderful job. Shucks I voted for Jimmy Carter (and about lost my business, remember 24% interest rates?).  I even backed Ross Perot, which was silly, he did not have a chance.

This country allows me to express myself, even if I am less than smart at times!  You will not see me out throwing rocks and burning buildings.  I know this ship of state will right itself. I might not like the outcome, but I will love this country.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Well said Jack! Once size fits all when it comes to our flag. I too love this country and the flag for which it stands. Glad you got a break and worked on something else. A fan will be a nice addition to your screened in porch. Hope this new week is filled with only good things for the both of you ! Love and hugs from Ohio!

betty said...

I do love the fact we live in a country that is as free as the United States is and I respect and honor the flag. I would never take a knee during the National Anthem, but I respect the fact that we live in a country where we have the freedom to make the choices that we do. I do think though we need to continue to pray for America and its leaders in all forms of government. We always say "God Bless America" but I wonder how long God will continue to bless this country considering how far it has gone away from him in "kicking" him out of schools among so many other things. Stepping off my soapbox now :)


Dar said...

I also love and believe in what our red, white and blue of our flag represents...freedom. Those that even consider destroying it need to think long and hard of all they have here and have not in too many other countries. I agree with Betty concerning the need for continued prayer for our country and it's leaders that we become strong again. God will always be here for us as long as we keep Him in our hearts. When that's love of Him weakens, our country weakens. GOD BLESS AMERICA THE FREE~
It's good you're taking a break from the worry of your's not going anywhere just now.
love n' hugs from up north where our flag flies high and strong in the winds of WI least at our home.

Mevely317 said...

Great point of view, Jack. Like you spoke of respect: When I'd go getting my panties in a bunch over something or another or remark, "Well, I could NEVER salute so-and-so." my son's quick to remind me, (they) aren't saluting the man, rather the office. Nothing I can say is likely to change minds, so I'll take a page from Betty's play book.
Meanwhile, I'm thinking we need a big old U.S. Flag to fly here in Coosada.

Lisa said...

I love our flag. It’s also the most beautiful...I get tore up when someone disrespects our country and flag. I bite my tonge alot. I hope the respect for this country will one day get better instead of getting worst. Despite what we see, It is just a handful of a certain generation. I still think there is more good than bad around here.

Praying for our Country

boromax said...

I am with you, Jack. I put our US flag out front of our home every morning. It is an honor and a blessing.

Chatty Crone said...

I could not walk without Vionic shoes!

And you are right - we may not like what is happening - but we are allowed to say it.