Friday, October 5, 2018

Them Alabama Folk….

Cars of Art:
I should know this dude but I don't. French I think!

Now for tonight:
‘This is ‘pick on Rick nite.’  I am not sure about Alabama, but I think it ages folks sooner. Rick is a young guy but you would think he was 80, from his language and the things he knows.

I have been reading ‘Life 101’ now for some time.  It is a fun Blog for a lot of reasons. I like that he likes to reward dogs that deserve a good life and probably have not had the greatest of lives until they meet Rick & Jilda. I have said over and over, the dogs think they have won the lottery!

All my life I have heard and used the term, ‘Crank the car’ when starting one. Of course that comes from the times an actual crank was used to start a gasoline engine instead of a starter (do you crank your car?) Now I am nearing 80 and have only seen an auto, truck or tractor actually ‘Cranked’ to start three or four times. I still like it.

I enjoy the graphic lines he uses such as: “Hotter than the soles on the Devil’s shoes.” (or something like that). Today it was about the air, "Still as a Crypt." Descriptive lines make a good writer, which Rick is. He also has a wonderful wife and knows it. It shows in his writing. I appreciate that.

He also likes salt air, him being a soldier, I have to give him extra credit. LOL

I have a soft spot for Alabamians. Jean down in Opp, is one of our favorite people. That woman is amazing, she can ‘bowl you over’ at the stuff she does and can accomplish. It hurt to hear that Grover passed away. Jean took great care of him. As I said, ‘She is amazing.’

I always knew Myra was pretty sharp, and moving to Alabama sorta reinforced that. I think Brother Tom has a tough job, keeping that sassy  classy lady outta trouble.

Jean’s daughter Sheila recommended ‘Sean of the South’ to me and he too has become one of the Alabama folks I enjoy. Sheila (Southern Comfort) has been AWOL for two years here on blogger.

I miss Helen (MYEVERYDAYLIFE), a sweet blogger from Northern Alabama. I miss her. She and Ken  were into  Geocaching. Do you remember her?One dog was Patches and maybe DAisy.

Nite y’all
Nite Shipslog


betty said...

Other than Myra and Tom, I don't know anyone in Alabama, but I have to say we did get Koda from an Alabama breeder, so good things come out of that state!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes! Those Alabama folks are wonderful. Although they live where it's still very hot in October it'd be nice to be good neighbors of theirs. I read their blogs too and love what they have to say and keep up with them when they post. Not everyone is like Rick who has something to write about every day, but I do enjoy them all. Thanks Jack for pointing out some great people. I do agree !

Dar said...

I'm afraid I don't know any of your Alabama friends except for Jean back when I was still blogging. My heart goes out to her at the loss of her Grover. Please tell her she's in my prayers. Is Rick also the fisherman? All folks, no matter where they come from, seem most genuine like yourselves.
Now, off the subject, I've been helping Bill get used to his tracfone I got him for when he's in the woods and at the cabin...ya never know when he'll need me to get something for him. lol
love n' hugs. YEAH, it stopped raining for a bit. The boys are moving a storage building today....hmmmm I wonder what they'll come up with next.

Mevely317 said...

Aw shucks … thanks, Jack! I'm only sorry it took me so long to GET here!
You're so right about Rick's way of turning a phrase. Every now and then I stare at one of his sentences and wonder how on earth I couldn't think like that. LOL.

PS - I think Jean is a follower, but she has her page set to private, so I'm unable to return the favor.


good down home folks from alabama.

Rick Watson said...

I could hug your neck Jack. I appreciate your kind words.
I’m a car lover an I have no idea what that car at the top of your blog is.

Lisa said...

I follow Rick too. I love his writing and random shots of nature.

Sheila Y said...

Thanks Jack! I think my Mom is pretty amazing too! I like those other Alabama folks too. I plan to return to blogging now that we are finally getting settled in Florida. Love you guys, Sheila