Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Refrigerator Adventures, my face is red!

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Now: Being tricked is My Halloween
Last night after some late night smooching, I tucked my girl in. and walking by the refer, decided to check. We stopped by the store and bought some ‘cooler’ stuff. Chicken, HB meat etc today. I checked the first thermometer in the refer, 48 degrees (OUCH). I quickly checked the freezer 33 and climbing.

SOOOOOO, four loads later the major stuff was moved BACK into the house refrigerator.

There was only one more thing I could try. So I replaced the ‘Thermistor’. That is a combination of a Thermometer and resister used by the Norcold Corporation to control the refer temp. I had ordered one just in case. It is a simple repair, takes about 5-10 minutes. So I did it.

Today the refer is ABOUT BACK TO NORMAL. I question myself: Did I jump too soon, before it got stable enough to make ice?

Did we over load the refer with too much to cool at one time?

Was the ‘thermistor’ bad?

I do not know. The only adjustment for the thermistor is the correct fin and the position on the ‘cooling’ fin. There is NO AGREEMENT among RVers of which is coldest, top or bottom of the fin. The Norcold repairman says it makes no difference, but RVer’s will SWEAR there is. I did  find a picture saying NORCOLD says this is where it should be.

What hurts in trouble-shooting is the time involved. It is sorta like ‘waiting’ to see if a teenager will make the right choices and you teach the right things?  Or me guessing if a watermelon is ripe or not. (Funny, but not haha funny)

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PS:  I am back to looking for a residential refrigerator today!  BUT, heck, life is good we have not lost any more food as of today!


Chatty Crone said...

Okay as usual I am confused - you are still fixing the refrigerator - you have not left and are on the road?

Lisa said...

You and RV home are having a bad relationship right now. ....I know everytime something happens now, put you closer to another one.
Hang in there Jack. Your will be new before you know it. Haha.


betty said...

Good you had a back up fridge to put things in. So frustrating trying to sort it all out, but I know you will sort it all out eventually!



glad you had the fridge in the house to rely on instead of the one in the rv. you'll get to the bottom of the problem soon enough, i'm sure.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes! I too am glad you have a back up refrigerator. Your efforts are way over and above what I'd have had the patience to do. Trouble shooting Is not my forte at all. I'd have probably gone out and got a new one. I'm not a handy fixer upper at all. Sorry you got tricked for Halloween.

Mevely317 said...

Ma's taken the words right out-a my mouth! Thank goodness you had the foresight to order the bac-up whatchamacallit. :)
When all's said and done, you're absolutely right. Life is still good!

Dar said...

Fridg woes are no fun...hope you get to the bottom of for good very soon. Like the others say, glad you have a back-up in the house. I, like "MA" would not have the patience but then we are not fixitguys! lol
love n' hugs from up north where Bill smoked 2 sides of bacon and I checked the trail cameras...nice day for both.