Friday, October 19, 2018

The secret

Cars of beauty and art:
1941 Chrysler Newport

Corrections to my last blog:
1.       This coach sat without moving for six months, not four!
2.       I am not yet 80, that ain’t until January. SOME ‘OLD’ people who are already ‘OLD’ say I must spend every day as a young 70’s kid before I can EVEN HINT I have made it to ‘OLD’ (which must be 80!).
My grandpa Lonnie Darnell once sold a mule. The buyer came back in a couple days and asked, “Lon, did you know that mule had a piece of wood sticking out his chest?”
Whispering, “Yeah Tom, I knew it, but I thought it was a secret, ole Billy didn’t tell me either, when I bought the mule.”
Daddy said they laughed and Grandpa Lon told him the mule had run into a fence. The wood penetrated so close to the heart that the vet was afraid to take it out. So he cut it close bandaged it and let it heal embedded. The Vet said he doubted it would ever bother the mule and it didn’t.  Daddy said the wood was so shiny and smooth over the years you could hardly tell it was there and the mule worked well.
What has that to do with the cost of tea in China? NOTHING but it has to do with the coach. The Obvious SECRET is: IT STINKS, SOURCE IS THE FREEZER of the Refrig.
Due to many reasons, while our coach was waiting many days for parts the refrigerator quit working and everything spoiled. The Mechanics could not work there. We were told: ‘MOST’ of the smell was gone and it was getting better only AFTER a professional crew was called in.
I was a smoker for many years and my sense of smell was damaged a lot, so I did not notice ‘a terrible odor’.  Maybe because I was so glad to be back aboard. But, BUT after a while I had to agree with my sweetie, it is “BAD” when the freezer doors are open.
It laughed at baking soda.  I washed it down with a Clorox mixture, taking a needle and sqirting some in all the cracks. The smell laughed at that. Crumpled newspapers and Coffee grounds… ehh a little bit.
NOW the refrigerator is closed and LOADED with 14 lbs of cat litter.
White vinegar steam….
Activated Hardware pellets (?)
Imitation Vanilla
Of course we are hoping the litter does it but if not, we continue.
We are open to any ideas out there, it is no longer a secret.  Hahahaha.  This isn’t such a hardship. We do have a refrigerator available.
Life is still good when you can still walk, laugh and joke about it.
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betty said...

Wow, that was interesting about the mule and the wood embedded in it. I can't imagine! But it seemed to work! I'm clueless about trying to get rid of odors. My go to would be keeping the door opened as much as possible, which is hard if you want it to be a working fridge and see if it would eventually air itself out. Bleach? Good luck with it!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, laughing is always a good thing, but baking soda has always worked for me. I've really never had a problem like that one. I do hope you don't have to get a new freezer. I once had a terrible smell in my camper that I thought was coming from the toilet, but low and behold it was a dead mouse trapped along the water pipe running to it. It took awhile to figure it out, but after a few boards were removed, it was found and the stink was instantly removed. Could it be that it is not really your freezer? Just a thought but I do hope the problem is solved soon.

Dar said...

Now, That IS a dilemma. Bill once took all the spoiled meat out of my brothers chest freezer because he was the only one with the stomach for it. He said they cleaned it out with bleach first, then left it unplugged and open for a long time, like a week or more before it aired out enough to use it again.
Good luck with that Jack. It's an awful smell to live with. MY suggestion is to get a new fridge for your coach if you plan on keeping it much longer.
You'll have a heck of a time getting rid of it if it's still so bad. Sorry to hear about that when you thought it was no longer a problem after professional cleaning. I'd say they didn't do a very good job......hope the kitty litter works.?
Love n' hugs as you sort that out.......we have snow~~~~grrrrrr, not ready!

Mevely317 said...

Oh! Now I can't wait to hear if the kitty litter did the job. My first instinct was to suggest moth balls. (Then again, I know little to nothing about such things. LOL) This makes me wonder what crime scene professionals use when they encounter decay and filth. Not so pleasant a job.

Glenda said...

Sending to your email, sounds horrific, good luck!

Rick Watson said...

I would suggest clothespins. They don’t help the odor in the fridge, but if you put them on your nose, it should eliminate the problem.

That’s probably ALL you needed was for some smart butt to suggest a solution:)

cocoya said...

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Chatty Crone said...

Jack - I have been so busy and am late in reading - I am so sorry about the smell.

My sister if a forensic workers - and dead bodies smell - she has to put Vick's Vapor Rub under her nose to block out the smell.

Don't know if she knows how to rid the smell.

Lisa said...

Im back tracking here trying to catch up on your post that ive missed while being so busy this weekend. I might should have read this one first. I mentioned in your last post, to use baking soda....ok just scratch that one. I see you have tried all the other remedies too. Exept one other that I hear may work....Charcoal.

A little behind...