Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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1955 Buick Special the low end Buick

Now for tonight:

Below is something like mine
Are your toes pretty?  Mine aren’t. I have a crooked big toe and bunions. Sherry & I went to a ‘boot camp’ in Damascus, VA while hiking the AT. The ‘boot camp’ was to produce the ultimate custom boot inserts while selling boots also.

The manager was a man with terribly miss shaped toes.  He gave a lecture of foot care as he massaged his feet as he said every hiker should do. After the lecture each hiker was given a chance to see how the new insole would protect your feet. If you bought the insole and boots they would use specific tools for the job and make the boot fit your feet like a glove.


When the young fellow looked at my feet he called the manager to see what he had to deal with. I just laughed. It wasn’t news to me I had seen my toes most days of my life. I was there to see if they could do something about the ‘burning’ sensation I get after walking 5-6 miles. The manager assured me the inserts would HELP my feet but not prevent the burning, so I passed.

He would have really flipped if I had too many toes to display!

My Sherry got a pair of inserts and I think still has them today but does not use them. She has switched to ‘Vionic’ shoes and says they help her back and knees ‘bunches’.

I contend that my ‘super feet’ inserts are just as good. I still have the original ones I bought on our first hike.

Toes? Yep with today’s shoe styles, flip flop style, toes are on display.  Today during Sherry’s yearly physical as I waited, I people watched.  I was amazed at the ‘crooked or mis-shaped’ toes.  Mostly in older people, caused by our shoes during childhood and youth.  Some of us ruined our feet.

I think the older people with the best shaped feet are the ones who went barefooted most of the summer. I didn’t go barefooted extended  periods and I have always disliked sandals.

I had never seen the between the toe shoe until I joined the USMC and was issued ‘shower shoes’.  It is actually one of the best for the feet I think, I could never get used to them. They were always, just shower shoes. They sold for 50 cents a pair.

There are many countries that practically all shoes are the ‘shower shoe’ design. I wish I was comfortable in them.

Do not get me wrong, I am glad some people are not so self-conscience they will not wear what they would like to because they are ashamed of their feet and toes.


Nite Shipslog
Imma get me some of these shoes and have perfect toes!


Rick Watson said...

My feet are you-gly. I got a fungus while in the jungles of Panama. I’ve controlled through they years but it makes wearing sandals unwise.

Lisa said...

Well, Nick says my feet are purty. My feet are small and my toes and nails are short. I do not like feet. I do not like people staring at my feet or touching them. I do my own pedicures. My daughter ask why I wont do yoga. My response was other than religious reasons, I dont want peoples feet in my face. However, I love little babies feet.
Women have the worst feet due to wearing heels. They do not realize the damage they can do. I wear flip flops all summer and in the shower house at the beach. Haha. I think I am getting a little bunion though.

From the recliner

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My toes aren't bad and I don't have bunions, but my feet are very picky when it comes to what shoes I wear. I love the ones that have cushioned insoles. Memory foam has become my new best friend. I'll have to check out those Vionic shoes that Sherry has. I'm always willing to try something new.


i wear crocs. but will have to give those Vionic shoes a try.

betty said...

My toes are "okay." Nothing fancy about them. Just ordinary :) I like flip-flops in summer around the house. Easy to kick them off. I'm going to look into those Vionic shoes. My knees sometimes can be the best of me (or is that the worst of me)


Dar said...

I don't mind my feet, they get me everywhere I need to be. I've been told that I have pretty feet. Mom, my little sis and I all had our feet on the footstool, barefoot, and the subject came up of how our feet looked. Silly, but funny at the time. We all keep our toenails trim and polished especially in the summer. We all wear flip-flops or toe sandals. Love um. As for my dear hubby, being a diabetic, the doctor always says how beautiful his feet look and they do. He does wear diabetic shoes specially made for his feet. Even his work boots are formed to his feet. Funny subject, Jack but interesting just the same............lol, it reminds me I need to make jam, but not the toe kind..............let's do mixed berry today.
love n' hugs from up north. Just saw 3 deer in the woods....they have pretty feet too

Mevely317 said...

Funny and informative at the same time! I'm reminded, my former husband used to tell me, "You're a pretty girl, but darn if you don't have UGLY toes." That's why I prefer to keep my feel covered whenever possible. LOL.

Vionic, I've not heard of … but I'll be Googling them shortly!