Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tar Heels ain’t all bad!

Cars of Art:
 The Hanomag Herschal Orion. Motor home classic

Now for tonight:
Well we finally got the call.  Work is progressing nicely on the motor home. The mechanic sees it ready Thursday if today’s tests are good. I am writing before I know so if the word comes in before this posts, I will hang it at the end.  Meanwhile I am really feeling much better as I think of good things, and those are my friends on the internet.

I appreciate anyone who reads the trivia I write, and of course I appreciate the comments.  I like the comments, but just knowing someone reads it is good. I started following Jimmy’s Journal a long time ago.  Jimmy is in realestate but his love is entertaining, methinks. He is a singer down in the Miami area. He has an informative and witty blog with a great layout.

Tar Heels (NC)
Southern Comfort, by Sheila has been AWOL for awhile. Sheila moves a lot, nearly as much as we do. She talks about her sweet family and STUFF. She is a fortunate lady, if she would have had a choice of parents she could have picked no better than the Lord. She is the Daughter of Jean & Grover of Opp, Alabama. We were fortunate to meet her parents for dinner once, and of course Jean is as amazing in person as in her Blog. Sheila for a while was in NC (where we met her). She and Shirl used to get together on the net to snow dance. They tried to encourage snow in NC. They succeeded once I think!

Blue Ridge Boomer, a transplanted Floridian to NC does a short blog, but always neat and to a point. She is a quilter, and animal lover. She works in the NC State forestry service.

And then there is Lisa (Life Away From the Office Chair), one of the latest Blogger I follow and comments here. She is an amazing lady who wanted to lose some weight and got into the Nutrisystem. She has been so successful she is a spokesperson for the product. She has traveled for ‘advertisement shots’ but is always glad to get home to NC. Funny that, Lisa knows some of the same folks we do, and they always give her a thumbs-up as a standup solid lady.  On her blog you will see some great recipes and some amazing crafts.

Side note: It looks like Jean in Opp may be getting the rough edge of the storm. Remember them in prayer.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Motor home update:  
Afternoon call: Everything put together all is well except, the engine is surging and they have not found out the cause yet. Still on hold..


Woody said...

Well, it sounds like your "Motor Home" is progressing ! My Nephew Craig just sold his business, is closing up his Grocery Store, he is looking at Motor Homes and is going to Travel this Winter and get out of this Snow and Cold he says !
He wants to Join his Brother, Retired Senior Master Chief Brent Wood and travel with him ! I wished him Good Luck, He has never owned a Motor Home before so this will be I interesting to follow him ! Take Care Gary

Dar said...

Hope they find the reason for the surging engine...soon you'll be on the road again.......after the storm passes, I presume. I'm really enjoying reading about all of your blogger followers and friends. We are a diverse bunch, aren't we, yet so much alike. I'm trying to imagine the girls doing a snow, I'd gladly send Sheila my share. LOL Maybe tomorrow morning!
As for the Hanomag Herschal Orion motor home is just what Bill and I need.
I'm loving that ride............
love n' hugs from up north where the buttercup squash, onions, potatoes are in the cellar...bring on winter!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh no - about your motor home.

Your friend Lisa wrote to me - but I can't write her back - I am still having trouble commented on embedded blogs.
I hope for the safety of everyone in these storms!
Love, sandie

betty said...

Well at least progress is being made on the motor home. Let's hope they can figure out where the surging is coming from(now that I even know what surging is, LOL) so you guys can be back on the road again! I know you are both itching to do so! You featured great blogs here again! Too many good ones out there, not enough time to read them all these days!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out Jack! I really enjoy reading your blog. I get you. I can relate to the things you talk about.
You and Sherry are my blogger friends and hope to meet in person some day. Im always thinking ill run into you while Im out and about. I will know you if I see you. Ha!

We are heading out at noon to hit the coast. Im getting pretty tired of the beach wanting to meet me here instead.

Off to work a while

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry you are still on hold but maybe that is for the best considering the weather. I love seeing the people that are your favorite reads. I have read some but still find some new. I'll be checking them out. There really are so many good people in bloggerville that make our days brighter.

Mevely317 said...

Another winning read, my friend! I totally 'get' what you said about comments reinforcing (the fact) folks are out there reading what you've written … taking time to say so.

Snow dancing? That Sheila sounds like a hoot! I hope Sherry remembers the moves and will teach me? :))) By the time you get this, I'm hoping for GOOD news from Jean in Opp as well as the coach! (Yep, I didn't forget to say my prayers.)

Sheila Y said...

Jean made it through the storm. Just some wind and rain and small limbs in the yard. Snow dancing for snow in Florida is going to be a little tougher. But I’m gonna try :-) Sheila