Tuesday, October 16, 2018

George, one more day here

Cars of beauty and art:
 1939 Delage

Now tonight:
I know all I have done in the past few blogs is complain. Well, I have to say getting back on the road is not easy this time. We moved everything back into our Wheel-Estate getting ready to head out just as soon as Friend George replaced a faulty thermostat in our house. The ‘smarter than me’ unit was installed and when George turned it on another problem arose. Requiring more trouble shooting. Ended up a bad ‘board’. Now I hate to hear this because I know that means an ‘expensive circuit board must be ordered and then replaced. I looked at he board and there are at least 20 wired to be pulled and reinstalled on the new board.
 Old George is my age, Sherry tells me George and I were in the same grade. We were also in the USMC at the same time and even on the same Mediterranean cruise, but I did not know him. George is one of the best if not the best in H-A/C in this area. BUT this circuit board you must lie down on the basement floor to install, I could tell he dreads it.
George lost his wife, Annette, a fan of my books, passed last year and George continues to work. They were married nearly 60 years. He said, “How can I retire when people continue to call, and they have been customers for 35-40 years, I just can’t turn them down.”  Continuing, “And then you call!”
He is right. I did not use him in my business, but I always hired him for our personal homes. I told him, “The best is too expensive for competitive contracting.”  Anyway we are delayed another day, but we are in our coach.  
Sherry is on her computer and I on mine, and I looked over at her and said, “At least we are home.”  Then the power went out! HONEST!  I could find no earthly reason. Power was still on in the house and no breakers here were thrown. Then, just like that, the power came back on.
So that is my complaint for tonight.  But truth is, LIFE IS STILL GOOD. I keep saying, at least we can still afford it, BUT not too many more times. LOL
Thanks for listing to my gripes!!  I am feeling much better but still not out of the woods.
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sounds like george has the situation under control. but those lights blinking is bothersome to me. could be more motorhome woes on the horizon. make sure all is well before you head out, including your health.

Lisa said...

Glad you are back in your home. Now yall can get things rolling again. Ha
I worry now about those lights. It could just be a battery issue but also could be some wires crossed somewhere during the “fix”. Keep us updated even if you think it sounds like complaining. Your journey is always interesting and It’s actually educational.

Off to work but with a screaming ear again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They say things do happen for a reason and maybe that reason is that you need one more day to rest up. It is good that you are back in your home on wheels. You want to make sure everything works right before you hit the road and that includes you! Take good care !

Woody said...

It never Hurts to Vent ones frustrations, sometimes by Venting things do not seem so important and have a way of working out. Glad you are "Home" where you your Honey is not far way, I do NOT like Separation from My Honey !!! I get a little "Separation Anxiety" when she is gone too long ! We are close and I think that is why we adapted to this smaller apartment in Senior Citizen Housing ! Keep us posted on your Voyage when you Cast Off ! Gary

betty said...

"They" say things happen in 3's. so maybe between the motor home, the circuit board and the weird thing with the lights, that's your 3. Let's hope its smooth sailing from this point forward and you'll be back on the road very soon! In the meantime, at least you are at "home" and things seem to moving forward in that regard, albeit a bit more slower than anticipated.


Mevely317 said...

What a snafu! George reminds me of that old advertising, "Good, Better, Best." I've no first-hand experience, but I'm glad you're not cutting corners to save a dollar.

The vision of y'all at your work spaces in the little home you love brought such a smile to my face. Like Fleetwood Mac advises, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorrow!"

Rick Watson said...

Dang Jack. I’m sending good luck your way. It should be enough to help you over this hump.

Dar said...

Nice of Rick to send you luck....I'll send more. It'll work out eventually but perhaps the reason is, that you need just a little more time to feel better too. Glad you're wheel estate is making you feel more back to your
' normal.' We feel lost when our ' normal ' gets disrupted. Travel safe when you finally DO get back on the road again. Meanwhile, REST.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun felt wonderful but the bitter winds did not. Stay warm.