Monday, October 15, 2018

Sick as a dog (A term from my youth)

Cars as art:
1984 Ferrari  288  GTO listed among the top 20 most beatiful cars in the world.

Now for today:
Yesterday I took to the bed. My stomach hurt something fierce.  I crashed and did not get out of the recliner until after midnight methinks.  I then climbed into the bed fully clothed sans shoes.
My girl reminded me today that I did not blog last night.  I realized a few minutes ago that I also has not read the comments.  I always appreciate the comments.   Lisa is right about the dead or ‘sick’ trees.  Pictures of the tree is also good to have.  The owner is responsible for the damage when the ‘sick’ tree falls.  I also heard it is good to talk to the neighbor about it if you know them well enough not to cause a rift. The tree may not fall ever on your property and the stink would have been useless.  That is a call one must make as far as stirring up a neighbor.
Sherry has two brothers still.  We took the older one and his wife out for dinner today since we plan on leaving ASAP this week.  AND YES! We are anxious to head down the road.
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Woody said...

Sounds like you are "Anxious" to get "On The Road Again" as Willie Nelson sang in his song !! I am hoping we have a lot of snow this winter, it helps insulate and keep things warmer, maybe we can get out of here this winter and head south, Where ya think your first 'Road Trip" will take you ? Enjoy yourselves !!!! Gary

betty said...

Hoping you feel better soon, Jack! Glad to hear you'll be back on the road so very soon! That should make you feel better!



stomach ailments can be quite iffy. hope you feel better soon jack. don't head down the road til you're feeling in tip top shape.

Glenda said...

Does this mean y'all are headed to Flawda? Hope you're feeling better and ready to roll down the road!

Lisa said...

Oh man! I hope you feel better soon. It’s not good to be “sick as a dog”.
Listen to Sherry, I’m sure she knows the best remedies to make you feel better.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Not a good time to be sick, especially as yo want to be on your way. Hoping you are better as you mentioned you went out to dinner. Take good care !

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word! Yes, I well remember that phrase, "sick as a dog." (So when did canines get such a bad rap?) Those 'sudden' illnesses can knock a soul to their knees.

Happy to learn you're feeling some better and will be rolling soon!

Dar said...

Sick as a dog is no fun but especially if you're sick as a ' junkyard' dog., that's what we say up north......could be we have more junkyards?. Hope you feel better by time you' hit the road, Jack ' !!!!. remember that song?
but do come back! Happy Trails until we meet again!
love n' hugs from up north where the sun did shine all day long, so took my lil sister and Mom for a little drive. Nice day!

Jackie said...

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear you have been sick. You are one of the most faithful bloggers I have ever seen, and for you to not post, I know you must have been very under the weather.
Take care of you....