Monday, October 29, 2018

Gary Elverd, the man’s man.

Cars of beauty and art:
 Gary would have loved this 1956 Ford Custom.

I knew Gary Elverd for only a few hours of one day. He was only 3 months older than our son Mark. I knew him ‘secondhandedly’ much longer thru his wife Debbie (Boondocks, flapdoodle and Beyond) ex-blogger. (I miss her).

Sherry called my attention to FB and Terri Lashbrook (Memories and Sweet Serenity).  Terri was saying that Gary (dad) had passed over.

I am smiling as I remember mentioning once on the blog, that I peeked at times when Sherry was taking a shower, Debbie’s comment was, “Yeah, Gary does that here also!” 

We were in South Kentucky and they drove down from North Kentucky and we met. WE ate, visited and then went to the motor home. I was proudly (Amateurishly) showing Gary my tools in the basement. He (a real mechanic) was acting as if I was showing him tools to work on a space craft.

 The tools I have are child’s play to what he used every day, but he, being the gentleman he was, never hinted I was an amateur or a bore. Those few hours learning a little about him, were a joy.

Once I e-mailed for advice about our Honda, Debbie checked with him and sent me the answer.  Such a non-assuming man.  Terri had a poem on her FB that truly described him. 

 He passed yesterday, and I have no doubt of the man’s destination.

I have told many people about Gary. He is the guy who, when asked, “Gary do you have your pocket knife?”

Replied, “Got my pants on don’t I?”  I have used that in the last few days.  I have also used the line a hundred times since Debbie relayed that, always giving Gary credit!

This is a sad, but sweet time. I met Gary thru Debbie on the internet. If not for the internet I would have missed a very important time in my life, I listed it as simply meeting a common man, who was truly UNCOMMON!  Rest easy my friend.

Remember Debbie and Terri in your prayers. We love these girls.

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Woody said...

Interesting, My Dad made sure all 6 of his sons always had a pocket knife and a small piece of wild ginseng, The "Ginseng" or as I say, "Jing Sang was good for sour stomach, heart burn and headache and my Dad back in the 30's to make money grew and sold Ginseng by the Pound, I used to be able to find it growing wild up here on the Army Base but can't get in there now.
…….. I still have several old Pocket knives of my Dads and also a small Pearl handled Knife from my Mother which she used in her sewing box.

Time to take another walk with my honey ! Take Care, Gary:

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you lost another friend. This was a cute story. I used to love to carry a pocket knife when I was younger. Daddy always gave me one to play with. I would always ask if he had a sharper one. Little by little, the ones he gave me became sharper and sharper. I would even sharpen my pencil in school with them. Yea I was that girl. Haha.
Prayers to Debbie and Terri.

Chatty Crone said...

I will and I am so sorry - he was young.


so sad for your loss. prayers headed out for debbie and terri.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I will pray for their loss. How nice you got to meet up with these wonderful friends. You have some sweet memories of them. Life is short, but all so very sweet.

betty said...

Another fine man who passed way too early. Its been a hard year for you and Sherry, Jack. So many losses. Praying for all!


Mevely317 said...

Aw, Jack and Sherry … I'm so sorry. Yours and Gary's friendship reminds me of an old saying, "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime." Another, "Tears are for the Living."

Holding Gary's family - and all who loved him - in my prayers.

Dar said...

I'm saddened of your loosing a friend of heart and wisdom. Your thoughts of him tell a great truth about listening and living for the moment. My prayers are with his family. Yes, we know where he is now.
love n' hugs from up north where we live life to our fullest.....winter, spring, summer and fall.

Sheila Y said...

So sad to hear about Gary, so young. I remember reading her blog. Love from up the road, Sheila