Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Getting old

Cars of beauty and art:
This is a 1941 Graham 'Hollywood' automobile Last production until after the war.

We have had a note on the table for a month. “Renew Sherry’s Driver’s License.” 

A couple nights ago I told my sweetheart I could do that on line and pay by credit card. So I called up the ‘Friendly Florida DMV’ web site. Filled out all the information like I was Sherry and at the end it says sorry, renewing at 80 years of age or above you must have an eye exam. You can see your local doctor and bring the results in, or we will give you a free eye exam at our office.

Sherry makes a smart alect remark, "They looked thru that camera and saw an old man, and knew it was not me making the application! LOL

Anyway we then planned to go down on Tuesday morning. Well as luck/fate would have it, I received a letter in the mail. It said, your driver’s license renewal is due REMEMBER if you are 80 or above you need the eye exam.

So at 8 am today we were there and by 8:15, I kid you not we walked out together with new driver’s license, including the eye exam. I had a rough time with the eye exam, but passed well enough to be approved without glasses. YEAH!  The lady doing the exam was a sweet lady. I didn’t even have to flirt to get passed like Sherry did! LOL
Anyway we came home and actually took the refrigerator apart as much as possible. I even removed the ice maker and took it apart.  Then I used an injection needle to inject vanilla flavoring into the cracks and screw holes. The cat litter seems to be doing a good job. Hopefully tomorrow when we open it we can turn it on and wait the 24 hours for it to get cold.  This ‘absorption refer’ takes much longer than the residential compression type to get cold. The one advantage of this type of refer without the compressor is it is much quieter. 

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PS: I have installed ice makers before, but never disassembled one, I hope this one works once the refer starts. LOL

PS2: We were in Opp, AL the last time of renewal and drove down to the pan handle to renew. Yep they were nice there also.  It doesn’t seem that long since we met Jean & Grover of Opp.


Glenda said...

Good to know you both "passed" your eye tests. In my tag renewal this past August I was notified that because the tag was ten years old, I was required to get a new one--just when I'd finally memorized the old number, haha. At any rate, that deal is in the rearview mirror :)

Lisa said...

Im glad you and Sherry passed your eye exams and got new license. We can all rest assure on the roads now. Ha.
I laughted at the flirty sentence. You kids are a ball of fun im sure.

Cold at 43 degrees in Gtown

betty said...

I think here in Arizona they start testing the eyes at 60 if I'm not mistaken. I do know that the older you get the closer in time you have to renew your license. Son doesn't have to renew it for like 30 years (but every 12 years you have to get a new picture taken). Big source of revenue they could have if they made you renew it more often. Glad both you and Sherry are now able to continue driving down the road!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've always had to renew my license by going in and they've always done an eye exam, even when I was young. I do wear glasses but don't have to when it comes to driving. I hope you can get that ice maker put back together. I had one before I moved but my new fridge doesn't have one and I miss it. I was so spoiled having them always at hand. Now I have to do it the old fashioned way. Can't weight to see how the vanilla works !

Chatty Crone said...

You said you passed without glasses? I could never do that - awe some.

Hope your icebox works.

Glad you got your license.


NanaDiana said...

Good for you both for getting your licenses renewed. It is quite a process here and we have to go in for the renewal...and there is always a mandatory eye test. So far, so good for this old broad. lol

Hope your ice maker works once you get it reinstalled. What a mess, I know.

Happy Travels! Diana

Mevely317 said...

Gosh, I'd better check our licenses to see when they expire! I've never encountered such nice people as you cite in Florida's DMV. Gotta say, the fellow we met at Elmore County's one-room storefront DMV was a gem. Sitting there watching Tom struggle with the eye exam, I was certain they'd fail him. No, I guess it was his lucky day.
Because I wear corrective lens' 'mono vision', I just say so up front, followed by, "You know, I KNOW I'm going to fail you test." This guy just muttered, "I hate mono vision!" LOL.

Dar said...

My next visit to the DMV to renew my license will be coming up in 2020...Bill the year before, but he can get an approval slip from his eye doctor now that he has more serious issues. He's adjusted fine so should pass. As for the fridg scent, vanilla is a good choice so long as it works. The kitty litter sure worked great removing the musty smell in an antique trunk I restored. Come think of it, it now has a vanilla sachet in it that smells great. lol
love n' hugs from up north where we just got home from a small road trip to see our daughter and grandsons, plus a free oil change where we bought the truck.