Monday, October 8, 2018

A whim, Chatty and Betty, GA & AZ

Cars of Art! Sherry caught this 1939 Buick on the road near Gastonia!

It was just a whim, but proved satisfying to me. I cannot explain the feeling, but his spring/summer has been the worst in recent years. Two close deaths, settling an estate and a Bombshell of an engine failure and still without our home. 
The whim? Thinking of the folks who read the Shipslog and realizing how close I am to some people I have never seen. With that though in mind, once I thought about dropping by each one’s neighborhood, I tried that in Wisconsin once and my friend was not at home. Then I tried again in Nebraska. Some may remember Lucy?  Once on a trip around the country we actually drove the motor home to her house.  She and I had an odd relationship, but in the end we were close friends. We met Joe and Spunky the aged Beagle.
When going thru Shirl’s finances, I found a record of $350  to a vet in Spunky’s town, I smiled big, Shirl was blogging at that time, and Lucy was having a hard time with finances.  I have tried to catch up with Lucy, but to no avail.
Each blogger has something that I enjoy, love, or that amazes me. The Shipslog is read by more people than I ever knew. At present the number of historical readers’ surpasses a half million. That is not much compared to some of you in Bloggersville, but to me it is amazing. It doesn’t take a lot to tickle me. When I sell books in Europe and Australia, it tickles me.
My blog comments range from 6 to 26 max per post. Many more read it of course. I am amazed by two bloggers that I pay attention to: Chatty Crone at Chatty Crone  of Georgia, and our friend Betty (A bench with a view) out in Arizona.  These ladies have attention driven blogs, both tend  to be very sweet and morally solid. Both girls have a place in their hearts for Jesus.
Our friend Myra was in AZ for a long time, but now in Alabama. ‘Roll Tide’ (am I supposed to say that every time I say Alabama? Sheila’s opinion is YES)
Betty is a sweetie and a grandma. She loves the ‘Wee One’ (I love that tag) her grand son. She is a work at home lady. The first I have ever known. She works regular hours and over time at home.  The love of her life is a musician and still works in the music world. We have followed her in three states. One sweet dedicated lady.

Chatty too is a grandma.  We have followed her and her grandson (and daughter who lives with them) for a few years now. Chatty too, rates with one of the best,  A sweet blog and a dedicated life.   I know these ladies try to answer every comment on their blogs. I don’t know how they do it.  30 to 70+ comments are not unusual. To most of us that would be so complimentary, but to answer each one would be daunting.
Life is good!
Nite Shipslog

PS: If I were in the motor home, I would have pictures of, Spunky, Joe and Lucy.  But alas......... The motor home is still in the hospital.


Lisa said...

Man I hope you get your home up and running soon!
I need to check out some of the blogger your talking about. If you like them, Im sure i’d like them.


betty said...

Thanks Jack for the sweet words about me. I'm humbled :) I do remember Lucy and Joe and Spunky. She was a very unique character with her own opinions, but also had a sweet quality to her. Sandie is a great blogging buddy and friend; always love reading what she has to share! Myra sure is enjoying her time in Alabama and I don't blame her for liking being so close to family!

It has been a hard year for you, Sherry, and the family. Hopefully the final quarter of this year will be kinder to you all!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think that when life gets hard you really find out who your friends are. These two ladies mentioned in today's post are the best. Myra is a relatively new friend for me, but like Chatty and Betty, she's always there with a comment too. They don't always post every day like you and me, but their comments are always comforting and very friendly. Like you I've met many folks I'll never know but they do count as some of my best friends.

Chatty Crone said...

Thank you Jack, that was so sweet, not sure if I deserve them. I feel the same about you. You are welcome here anytime and Sherry!

I remember Lucy - and Nana Diana just wrote a post on her - her daughter has breast cancer and she asked for prayers. I asked her for Lucy's address as I lost everything in a crash awhile ago. Betty has been a friend for a long time and she is awesome too. Myra - you are right a lot of wonderful people!

This will be a year you will remember - not for the good but for the bad - mine was 2003 - and you will end up grateful not all years are like it!

Thank you! sandie

Mevely317 said...

Ouch, ouch, OUCH! "Roll Tide" is Rick's team, Jack. Tom and I are on the opposite side of the aisle and holler, "War Eagle"! (That's OK, friend.) What a thrill it would be if you were to show up in our neighborhood … better than those Publishers Clearing House folks!

Yes, both Betty and Chatty are terrific ladies. It was an honor to meet and break bread with Betty and her hubby ... and I hope to meet Chatty someday ... before I grow too old to feed myself. LOL!

Woody said...

Hope you get your "Home on Wheels" back soon ! Today we had to run the AC in the car, Temps were up in the 80's !!! Friday we will probably need "Long Johns" as the Temps are supposed to dip down in the 30's ! You 2 take care !

Gary & Anna Mae

Dar said...

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Betty but she's amazing as I read her comments here every day. Sandie of Chatty Crone is like a sister to me. She's a dear lady with monumental faith, family and many friends. I admire her. I do remember Lucy, Joe and their Spunky, the beagle from when I was still blogging. She visited often. Having only met you and Sherry personally, I see your qualities of kindness and genuineness in every one of them. I think it's time I get back to blogging......someday, perhaps within our 6 month winters.
love n' hugs from our north where it's Still raining enough to keep us wet. It's supposed to snow in a couple days. Mother Nature must be joking!

Sheila Y said...

I’ve been trying to find a current phone number for Lucy, but no luck so far. In searching I may have found an obit for Joe last month, but not certain. And yes, Roll Tide! ;-) Sheila