Saturday, October 20, 2018


Cars of beauty and art:
              1947 Bentley, what a beauty!

Just thanks for the sympathy and suggestions. We peeked in the refer today,  well…. Maybe a little better but still smells.

About the clothes pins Rick, Thanks, but the clothes pin kept coming off Sherry’s nose so she gave up. She said one of us should keep working so she taped mine on and went outside to read a good book! Is this fair? (He asked sounding funny!) LOL

Yep, we have laughed. BTW we had a great lunch with The Right Reverend Bishop Wayne Carter, esq… and his bride Joyce.  They are a wonderful couple, both lost their mates of over 50 years, and have re-found happiness, they are like young lovers.  We are thrilled for them.

When I told Wayne about the kitty litter, he said a friend of his, Bubba, bought four bags of that stuff each a different brand, and his cat still wouldn’t eat it! 

That one hit me funny and I had a good belly laugh. 

We can try the idea Glenda sent. Although we CANNOT take this thing outside, we can still try the charcoal.

MA I sure wish this was someplace else, but there is no doubt. If I could just take it apart to clean it.  I have an idea that the rancid juices leaked into the several cracks and is in the insulation. BUT we still hope.

The next idea, as Dar suggested, is to change the refer or sell the coach cheap & let someone else do it. Replacing a refrigerator in a coach is a massive endeavor. Either the windshields or the largest window must be removed to get the old out and the new in. There are only two or three that will fit. Then it takes a forklift or 3 to 4 strong bodies to get them out and in.

We are not giving up yet!   …………… (but I am secretly searching for another coach!  Shhhhhhhhh …..  LOL)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds as if you are certainly giving it a good try there. Life is never boring for sure. One thing fixed always leads to another and another. But every now and then we do get days where we just have to be thankful for a day when nothing needs fixing and everything works just right. Hope that day is coming soon for you! Hang in there !

betty said...

Wow, that is a project to remove the fridge from the motor home! You are working hard though on a solution so that's a good step in the right direction! Like Ma said, hang in there!


NanaDiana said...

I didn't realize it was such an endeavor to get a fridge in and out but now that you say that it makes total sense!
Happy Hunting- we won't tell anyone! lol
Have a great Sunday- Hugs- Diana

Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness! The things we 'regular' motorists don't realize about coaches. Those clothespins must be getting uncomfortable by now! Sorry, I've no more suggestions but will keep all fingers and toes crossed!

Dar said...

WOWZERS! I had no idea taking a fridg out of a fancy coach is so involved...Bill helped Stacy take one out of his pull-behind but then he wasn't careful as he was completely tearing it down. That fridg is now in the cabin working off generated power. Good luck with that project.......mums the word on you secret, shhhhhhhh~I'm tippy-toeing outa here now~~~
love n' hugs from our windy part of the country where we helped move Mama's chickens closer to their heat lamp for the winter.

Chatty Crone said...

Are you on your trip?

Lisa said...

The smell can run you out looking for a new one. Thats for sure. Mom had a Freezer that food went bad in while they lost power while on vaction once. It was terrible. Had to throw it away.
What happens is the smell gets in the rubber seals and refuse to leave.

Good luck, you two will be just fine.