Thursday, October 4, 2018

If it is Bad, it will be on the news.

Cars of Art:
   Again, I don't recognize the car, but it sure is nice.

Now for tonight:
My sister Shirl watched the news all day. No matter what state we were in, when something ‘bad’ happened in that state, she would call and say,”I know you don’t watch TV so you should know that there is a person shooting at cars out there. Please be careful.”
“Shirl, thanks, but we are two hundred miles from there.”
“Well you can’t be too careful; you don’t know how crazy people are these days!”

When we were together, if it didn’t seem to her that Sherry was holding her purse tight enough, she would warn her of a purse snatching that was on the news.
“I quit wearing my diamonds, It was on TV that drug addicts are targeting women with jewelry,” she started saying about a year ago.

I don’t know when the theory ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ came about’. But it certainly stuck.

I would say, “Shirl, honey you worry too much.”
To which she would always say, “It is not 'worry' Jackie, I am just concerned!”

I knew her fears came from TV. If it isn’t bad it will not be on the news. That is a shame too. I think someone like Sean, of ‘Sean of the South’, could make great positive stories, but we are trained to ‘bad news’ so folks have come to see news as just for the BAD THINGS.

I just wanted to gripe a little since I have been too positive lately. Along that line, dadgummit, I miss the motor home. I have had to go looking for my girl for a kiss since being here. When I wanted a snack they were within arm’s reach in the motor home. Here I have to take a hike! A glass of milk or water is two steps away in our ‘wheel estate’. (I got that term from Lisa.)

Our Coach...... Mike called, “We had to get the coach professionally cleaned. The smell was too bad for the mechanics.” Sherry & I had assumed that the refer would stay on, but I forgot the ‘gas absorption’ refer must be fairly level to operate and the rear was jacked high. SOOOO the refrigerator gave up the ghost. We had 8 lbs of chicken and 5 lbs of fish, plus HB & wieners. Yep it stunk.

Now, that was bad enough to make the  news! But probably not in Atlanta. LOL

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Saimi said...

That darn news anyway! My mom watches the weather channel and will call if something is happening in the area that I live and I have to tell her not to worry, we're far from it. She's a weather watcher for sure!! It was fun reading your post! Glad I stopped in!!
Have a wonderful weekend

betty said...

One of the local news channels for their 10 o'clock news compresses a lot of news into the first 10 minutes of their broadcast. I watch that and that's about all the news I catch. Hubby listens to a lot on his commute as he's also listening for traffic updates. If I hear something in passing or catch something on the AOL opening screen for news, then I'll ask him about it. Its good to be informed, but sometimes not super informed if you get my meaning.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The news is mostly full of bad news and I'm sorry you had some bad news to share too. Losing so much food stinks for sure. I have a favorite saying that no news is good news. Seems like that is the truth. Very often we don't hear from those with good news to share. But the good news is that bad news can be turned around simply by our attitude about what happens. Lots of people watch the news like your sister and become paranoid, but to me that is no way to live. We have to trust that we are in the best of care and what happens is meant to be.

Mevely317 said...

Ha! I think I recognized myself once or twice there. 'Concerned' is such a nicer, softer version of 'worried' don't-cha think?

So true about news coverage. I remember a time when a fender-bender merited a paragraph or two in the local paper. Nowadays, unless there's a fatality (or several) -- in the 'right' part of town, calamities usually go unreported. At least, that was the case in the Big City. I like to think down here, folks are more caring. We'll see!

Lisa said...

Oh no! I can imagine the smell!! You may have to get new fridge.
I worry a lot too. My daughter does not watch the news but we will turn it on at night sometimes and there is always "Breaking News". Breaking news means bad news. I wish it meant good news but never. We always see bad stuff happening in her town and it makes me worry all night. The young folks are naive and clueless of dangers around them. seee, here I go.

from the office

Dar said...

There are worriers and non-worriers. I try not to worry but it comes with parenting, I suppose. It doesn't do any good to cry over spilt milk, like my grandma used to say. She was right most the time. It is true that the media seems to feed on the worse news rather than reporting something positive. It's a shame, really. As for your stinky coach, you will be glad the pros are cleaning it. I wonder if they'll get ya a new fridg. We had a freezer go out during a week long power outage once........not pretty!
love n' hugs from up north where we are to have rain for another week. It's getting pretty wet out there and the creek is now running every day instead of every other.