Sunday, October 7, 2018

Great Grandaughter Kennedy Grayson Darnell!

Cars of Art: Vintage Winnebago

Now for tonight:

My nephew Steve called and invited us to a fish supper at the Shady Brook Baptist church.  It is a semi annual event. Son Jack came down and drove us over.
 It is always good to see Steve. We missed his family. His MIL is in the hospital and his family is there. The food was delicious. They had whole small catfish and flounder fillet, plus the trimmings. I ate some of both.
Jack suggested a trip (40-50 mi) to see his new granddaughter, Kennedy.  He arranged it and we headed that way.. Stephen and Jennifer are the parents and Jude is their son. Now they have added a daughter to the  happy family.

Jen is a nurse, taking time off for the baby.
Stephen is now the manager of a music store and works a lot of hours. He arrived home when we arrived. We had a wonderful visit and Kennedy is one cute kid with a full head of hair (unlike her great granddaddy).

I get to smile at my SONS. They are crazy over their grand kids. I tell them, “Now you know how I felt about your kids.”
We are proud of our family. There was a period where it was tough to see any good future for our sons. BUT we never gave up hope. Now? Oh yes, we have a wonderful family. We are proud of them all.
Here in Bloggerville I am in the process of giving my take on my few Blogger friends, but this interruption is only for bragging rights. LOL
Yeah I know your grands and great grands are sweet, but that is just because you haven’t seen mine.

Nite Shipslog

My cat has taken my porch seat!
 This is without the zoom. I was abou a foot away,  The girl is leery!


Lisa said...

Congrats on the new great grand baby. She is beatiful. You have a great little family. All families go through hard times and trials but its all lessons we learn to make us better people today.

Thats a sweet picture of you and Sherry

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats on the new great grand granddaughter - she a doll - so little.
Well that is hope to be having great grandchildren Jack - to have worried about your own kids and they came out alright! Good to know. sandie

Jean said...

Congratulation on the new great granddaughter she is beautiful. That's a pretty picture of you, Sherry and her. I think you have found you a cat. He/she is a pretty cat. Take care, Jean

betty said...

Your cat is making herself perfectly at home!

Congrats to all on the arrival of Kennedy! Wonderful blessings to have a new baby in the family!!



your new great granddaughter is beautiful. congratulations.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have every right to be proud of that new great grand ! Congrats to all ! It's true we do think of each and everyone of the as the most precious things in the world and they are !

Dar said...

Awww, isn't babe Kennedy the sweet little punkin'. I know she has the greatest Great Grandparents who are so proud to have her as the newest addition to the family. As 'MA' says, Every family has rough times but God instills hope in every family and eventually things smooth over and all is well again.
Love n' hugs from our family to yours where we are still getting a good soaking the next 3 days. The creek is in full run !!! Congratulations again.

Woody said...

We have our First Great Grandson, Aiden Naklick! It is a special feeling, My son was married once, divorced and has decided not to remarry, This is the end of my line of the Wood Family ! There are however many, many Wood Kids out there so we never will run out of them, LoL ! Take Care, Gary & Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

Aw, what a pretty little peanut! I LOVE her name. Is bro Jude happy about his new house-mate?

I'm over here chuckling at the statue in your next-to-last photo. A beaver? It looks exactly like what our little Grace does with her big yellow duck. (I'd try and post a video, but it's not 'G' rated!)