Monday, October 1, 2018

Safe sex for cats?

Cars of Art: This motor home would get attention!

Now for tonight:
My next door neighbor here said she would like to catch Blackie and have her spaded, then turn her loose to live a life free of Toms and kitties.

This feral cat will let me touch her because I have fed her so many times, but most of the time I walk toward her and she jumps and shies away. Immafraid if I catch her Imma get scratched to pieces. LOL  However I honestly do not plan to try.

Just curious, how much is spaying? Does it put them out of commission for a while or can they search for food right away.

I am not much of a cat person, but I do like Blackie. NO! not enough to put her in the MH so she can see Florida and other states.  There were times we could have used a mouser, but not enough to travel with a pet,  too many complications.

I think back to when we bought into a community in Tavares Florida. We were on lake Dora, a beautiful lake and nice senior community. There were two specifications in the HOA rules that were unique. One bothered us, you were not allowed to rent your house. I am sure we would have kept it, if we had been allowed to lease or rent it once we got tired of sitting still.

The other was ‘No PETS”. It did not affect us except for people visiting that had pets. The more I thought of that, I realize how unique that was.  Most older folk like a pet to take care of, but there were no pets in ‘Tavares Home Owners’ community.
Anyway I guess I will just continue lecturing Blackie to  be safe, scratch that Tom’s eyes when he assaults you. Tell him you don’t want any puppies, but if you must, use safe sex! She looks at me with that ‘yeah right’ look.

CATS, they are so understanding!!

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NanaDiana said...

LOL- Someone once said- You never own a cat--it owns you. Here it costs about $75 to spay a cat. I think it is a couple weeks of recovery time as they have to go back to have stitches removed.

My brother-n-law & wife travel in their 5th wheel with 2 cats and love it. I don't think I would like to do that.

Quite interesting about that place you lived. We looked at Mt. Dora for a retirement place at one time but thought better of it.

I hope you and your wife have a wonderful week! Diana

Chatty Crone said...

I have a way to catch a feral cat to bring them to a vet - my son had one - he threw a blanket over it and he carried it that way to the vet while his wife drove! It was wild!

Lisa said...

And this leads me to one of my inventions. I always thought about how rich I’d be if I could invent a birth control cat food. I also think if there was such thing as a cat psychiatrist, they’d get rich too.


betty said...

I think I mentioned it before but there are organizations in places where I lived that would trap the cat, get it spayed or neutered and then return it. I bet she would be up and running pretty quickly after the operation unless she was one to play with the stitches.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ferrel cats and their multiplication are a problem for sure. You don't want to become over populated there! I'm thinking talking to her will not do a bit of good! We used to have some in my old neighborhood. But one of the neighbors did take them to be neutered. At one time there were over 10 of them. She also fed them until she moved and the cats near starved until one of the other neighbors took pity on them. Here in my new house I've only seen one or two cats around, but thankfully they have homes. They belong to a family and are not ferrel.

Dar said...

The neighbors farm cat visits often enough to keep the rodent population in control so we welcome him. Once you start to feed them tho, they think they found a lifetime home so not a good idea. He passed away now, but an ol' friend and neighbor had dropped kittens off from time to time knowing they'd survive in our barn with the animals and kids to play with them. I must say, I'm glad the kids are grown and gone to their own homes now, to gather their own pets. lol
loveya and hugs to ya from us to you two....the rain stopped for a day so we came home with an irrigation system for our gardens from Bill's uncle. More work for us two tired retirees. Does that make us re-tired?

Mevely317 said...

You are so funny, Jack!
Well, not the part about the Tavares HOA. Those folks sound most unpleasant! Methinks Lisa has a great idea!

salemslot9 said...

Hi Jack
We have trap-neuter-return
Many friendly feral cats
We took a free test online
Then we bought a have a heart trap from Lowe’s
We took them to our humane society
They fix for free
If you are a TNR caregiver
You have to call for an appointment
If you choose not to be a TNR caretaker
You still need a cage
My John traps them in the morning
Picks them up after work
You can release them
Where you found them
When you get home
If you have any questions
Don’t hesitate to email me

salemslot9 said...

We bait trap with canned mackerel
The night before
And my John drops them off
In the morning

salemslot9 said...

Only one cat at a time
Sorry for so many comments
Working from different computer