Wednesday, October 24, 2018


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Peanuts have been a part of my life.  As a child the most memorable ‘peanut’ time was nights at great-grandpa Hilley’s home in North Georgia. He was  small of stature, but big in the family.  He was also an appointed Judge. He held court just across the dirt road from his farm house. The first time I visited ‘Judge Roy Beam’s’ court (West of the Pecos), I thought of Grandpa. His courtroom was only half the size of Beams, roughly 8’x8’ excluding his desk and seat.

Anyway, nights with only oil lamps for light, we all gathered around the fireplace and he parched peanuts. He told stories as they parched, then told more stories as we cracked the peanuts and ate them. Occasionally there was tea but mostly well water to drink.

I am snacking on parched peanuts as I type. I parched some freshly hulled nuts. I like to put some ‘spray margarine’ on them. But alas, I actually got up and opened the ‘empty’ refrigerator to get some margarine, then quickly realized,,,, nothing  there except a thermometer and it reads 50 degrees.

Daddy loved peanuts until he died. Mama never fussed about the mess he made, she liked them too. Daddy’s first attempt at supporting mama and a baby was sharecropping peanuts. He was known to say he and mama raised a ‘box car’ load one year, it was a bumper crop. That was using a plow and a pair of mules.

I like the nuts parched in the shell, but these I have were already shelled. My daddy would say they were ‘hulled’.

Sorry, but peanuts were on my mind.

Refrigerator report. Sherry passed on the smell today (just a hint left) so we removed the cat litter and turned it on (I'm saving the litter, just in case!) .  It has been on now at least 10 hours. The temp in the refrig is 50 degrees in the freezer is 19.. What? It has never been that cold before. I just added another thermometer to check. I had lain the device down, I hung it up and it now reads 36, that is good. I hope it drops to 19-20!

We are hoping the smell will completely go away with use.

 ( Shhhhhh...I have found a couple coaches to go look at just in case. LOL)
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jack69 said...

I stopped getting e-mail comments AGAIN. Imma try this AGAIN! LOL

betty said...

Glad to hear the smell is almost gone! I have to say I don't think I've ever had a parched peanut. Sounds delicious though!


Lisa said...

Im not sure what parched peanuts are but they sound good.
Mom would always put butter and cinnamon on them and bake them.
Gosh I hope you get your emails working again...Blogger is messing up.

To the office

Chatty Crone said...

I love peanuts too Jack.

Hope the smell is gone!!!!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love peanuts too and right now I have mixed some honey roasted peanuts in with candy corn. The salty and the sweet is a great mixture. It is one treat I always save for fall. Glad you are finally getting some where with the smell. Today I have workmen out in the yard fixing a water leak. They thought it was coming from the house but discovered it was outside. Hopefully they'll get it fixed this time. This is the 3rd time so maybe it will be a charm.

Woody said...

I love Peanuts, but they do not like me, I have diverticulitis, corn, seeds, peanuts, are off my diet, I really miss them, ! I can however eat Pecans, I love Pecan pie, pecan rolls. Glad it sounds like you are getting the Frig back ! take care you 2 and behave ! Gary

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful memories!
I wasn't familiar with the term 'parched', and had to consult Google. Turns out, I think that's what I have for supper more often than not! Tom keeps making noises about me turning into a monkey. We (well I) eat my 'big' meal at Noon, so I'm not inclined for more late in the day. Still, they give my molars a little workout.

Dar said...

Hoping your fridg is finally working out so you don't have to venture to the house for snacks stored there. :) I do like 'MA' does this time of the year...the peanuts and candy corn combo tastes just like a salted nut roll., salty and sweet. The grandloves go crazy for them. A TX friend and his brother had a peanut factory, Birdsong Peanuts, for years, before they ventured on to another great adventure. Now we hear the Birdsong factory will be opening again. It's a great thing to happen to a small town in the TX panhandle. We'd get raw peanuts from them and boil and salt them. YUM.
Thanks for the rekindled memory.
love n' hugs from up north where our overcast day wasn't all that cold. Nice.