Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jackie, thats my name, music the game

Cars of Art:  2004 Porshe 911 listed in the top 20 beautiful cars in the world

Now for tonight:
My family is from Georgia (USA).  I have heard that we came from Ireland, Scotland, England and France.  I am not sure.  I tried looking up my ancestors, but I get lost as the Tree gets Bigger and bigger. I did get back to 1815 but that was still in Georgia.

I have a friend who drops in on occasion from South Georgia. I think we are kin since we have the same first name, Jackie. (Of course when I was little I thought I was kin to Jackie Robinson, since we had the same name.) Daddy never told me different. Jackie (Teacher's Pet) lost her mom this year, her dad served in WWII I believe. We camped not too far from her but never met. Piano & teaching is her game. me being Jackie too, I was a great (not) trumpet player at one time. I am amazed at the references to music from bloggers. Lots of music around.

I really don’t know where some of my internet friends are from, but remember Ora? She has had a rough time lately and hasn’t blogged in a month of Sundays. Sherry keeps me informed about her from FB. Ora has a lot of tales. She is the wife of a retired Army Chaplain and that lady does have some great tales. WE met them in Kentucky. A great couple.

There are times you meet someone who just clicks. I met Gary (Kentucky dude) hubby of Blogger Debbie. Gary is an Auto mech. One line I remember that cracked me up. Debbie asked him, “Gary do you have your pocket knife?”

Answer we boys will understand, “Got my pants on ain’t I?” (meaning: OF COURSE I have).

They have a sweet daughter, ex-blogger Terri. Many of my friends opted for FB, and aren’t here anymore, but they are still my distant friends.

‘SalemsLot9’ drops in every once and awhile, You  gotta love that blog name. It is amazing to me how many lady bloggers are married to musicians or music associated dudes. John (hubby) plays and even has built guitars for famous people.

There is Woody up n NY. Retired LEO. just tonight he put a music entry on "Old Woody's Boomer Page".

 Nana Diana  I met thru Chatty. She is my newest friend methinks. She has a very interesting Blog and also has the same interests of Sherry and I, TRAVEL. I look forward to reading ‘Nana Diana Takes a Break’.

Now thinking of you guys, has helped me thru a tough time. I like to enjoy thinking and imagining what and how you are doing.

Life is good. And the internet sure helps. I think of the people and places I would have missed if I had not lived to see it. SWEET!

Nite Shipslog

Sister Shirl blogged... She played several instruments. and loved music.


Chatty Crone said...

Well I do know Jackie - I am not sure if I knew she lost her mother. That is really hard. She is young.
Know Nana Diana - she is one of the busiest gals I know.
So you are from Georgia - I did not know that.
September and October are my busy church months - so that is what I have been doing - but things are getting done and work will lesson up!

Love,s andie

betty said...

I liked when Lisa from SalemsLot9 posted. Her husband made the best guitars! You are right, lots of musicians out there in blog land. Its such a fun thing to do to connect with others across the country or even the world for that matter even though you may never meet them "in real life."


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Music is such a big part of our lives. I've got the radio playing now. Whether at home, traveling in the car or at church, music is with me most part of any day. Not being very musical myself or much of a singer either I really do appreciate the music of others. I agree is it wonderful to connect with others that we may never know. They are the best of friends!

Mevely317 said...

Aside from Betty's hubby, I didn't realize there were so many bloggers' (families) with a passion for music. Every place we looked to buy, Tom's first concern was where he could put his keyboards and saxophones … truth.
... and I totally agree with Ma about enjoying others' music. My own voice, not so much!

PS - "I like to enjoy thinking and imagining what and how you are doing." Man, you said it. Me, too!

Dar said...

It is amazing how the 'net' has brought people, for one, is a big part of our lives. We are like 'MA' in that we have music on nearly the whole day, whether traveling, home or in the shop or cabin. It soothes the soul for the most part. Being country folks, of course that's our preference.
As kids we all either sang or played guitar, dulcimer or spoons. I still have one of each. Dad made a couple dulcimers, one is now mine. He also made a banjo that lil' sis plays around on. She has at least 10 instruments from strings to keys., Colleen's the talented one. Another plays accordion. Phew, I now realize we had a few nice toys.
Did you get your motorhome home yet? and did they solve all the problems.?
love n' hugs from up north. Yep, we had only a few snowflakes fall but the air is very winter-like cold. Time for more cuddling.


music is a universal language it's true.