Saturday, November 1, 2008

How it all Started, No regrets

Random pictures. Sherry always wanted to drive thru a tree.
The Pic. of Lake Louise does not do it justice an abslolutley gorgeous lake in BC (Canada)

Long before we started living in a motor home we enjoyed traveling. I retired in 1981 from the Navy. The retirement would keep you from starving, but you definitely must have another income. I kept switching around. I took a job as maintenance man in a major hotel. They said they would give me a thirty day trial, if I worked out I could stay. Since I was older than the person hiring me I felt at ease to tell him the same thing. I will work for you for thirty days, if I like it I will stay. At the end of thirty days I was asked to stay with a substantial pay raise, but I had already decided the work was not for me so we departed company.

I bought a Roach Coach from my Brother in Law, and went into what is nicely called a catering business. WE just called it a roach coach. Next I went into building. I went into building and found my niche. I loved it. We purchased a small motor home (shown here on the blog a couple days back) just to see if we liked a motor home, we loved it. We later bought another much larger coach, finally this one. Each time finding the best deal we could on a used coach.

After the first little motor home our goal was to travel as soon as Sherry reached retirement age. WE planned to be completely out of debt, we scrimped and saved and paid off everything. WE asked ourselves if we could be happy living full time in 280 sqft if living space? WE were sure we could.
We asked our two sons to come over and look through the house and take any and everything they wanted. They basically took nothing. WE had a giant yard sale, we knew yard sales, we knew folks buy if it is a bargain whether they need it or not. So seldom was anything over a dollar. Word spread, and at the end of the day EVERYTHING was gone. Giving the remainder to a friend. WE put our house up for sale. I bought a 53’ truck trailer for $1500 (mostly yard sale money). We packed it with what was left of furniture and tools and had it pulled to the woods where my son lived. We got in the Motor home and started LIVING!

The house did not sale, so we turned it over to a rental agent. Instructions: Rent it, fix it when it needs to be fixed and send us the rest. We drove to Florida, got a mail forwarding service, titles for car and Motor home, Driver’s License and insurance. Asked that Absentee ballots be sent to us and we were set.
We mentioned many times no one knows where we are and no one where we are knows who we are. So that is how we hit the road, and we have no regrets.
Tomorrow, if I do not get side tracked, I will talk of those who have regrets!
Thanks for coming this way.
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The term Roach coach is an affectionate term, for construction workers and Military it is a familiar term. "The Officer of the Day used to announce when the sandwich wagon was on the pier: "Roach Coach on the Pier".

Sign over a Gynecologist's Office:

"Dr. Jones, at your cervix."

In a Podiatrist's office:

"Time wounds all heels."


On a Septic Tank Truck:
Yesterday's Meals on Wheels

On a Plumber's truck:
"We repair what your husband fixed."


shirl72 said...

I know where you are at all times. I have telephone and E-mail and Pastor Carter. If you
follow suite you will be home in the summer.
I even kept up with you when you were on the
Appalachian Trail.


betty said...

so neat to read how you started it all! very interesting; I bet it was a decision you have not regretted at all :)


Paula said...

Very interesting but I'm too attached to my "stuff" to do that. In answer to your question--Yes people here eat wild hog meat and we sold most of ours to a company who ship it all over as wild boar. They had to weigh a certain poundage before they would buy.

Anonymous said...

As I get older, I need less space. Once my daughter gets used to me not having room for her 6 kids (5 really, as one has moved out)when they visit (she can always stay with her sister) I plan on getting a 1 bdrm place. I have gone from 2800 sq ft to 1700 and it is way too much room for me. I just want a kitchen, and room for a tv and my computer! Lindie

Anonymous said...

Hi...first time here...and I sure enjoyed reading your blog..we are retired Army...and had ideas of "RV'ing" but it didn't pan now we just drive to where we want to go...enjoy for a while...and come home....such as it is LOLOL...and your young Halloween days sound much like we and my family did LOL...just had fun...not so much for the candy...just to be "ornery" lol...happy day and God Bless...Ora

Debbie said...

I'm trying to catch up got behind on reading journals. I use to enjoy Dad telling of the mischief they got into on Halloween night. I also enjoyed reading about how you and Sherry began living in the motor home. Your yard sale sounds like one I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on. I was wondering how folks who travel got their mail and drivers license, etc. Hope you and Sherry are having a nice weekend.

Terri said...

Very interesting entry...thanks for sharing
I always wondered how you guys started glad you both love it as much as you do...I think it would be so fun...never a dull moment. I sooo would have been at your yard sale... =)

Thanks for the compliment telling me I am a good wife, and your sure Jeff knows he is lucky....I am lucky myself...I have a very loving, and caring husband...

Have a good week Jack!


Woody said...

Liked the Car and Tree, bet those trees are "awesome" to behold.
Farthest west I ever been was Amarillo, Texas to pick up a prisoner to bring back to New York. When we had our tow-behind we went to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas before parking it at the Lake and made it a camp.!

Nice entry!