Thursday, March 30, 2023

The dream trips

 Cars and animals on the Alcan:


(Preamble: I am okay, just climbing out of some tough circumstances involving people close to us.)

Some thoughts for today: (Some pics from the net)

Sherry & I have traveled a lot, most of our trips have been reasonable.  We are conservative and basically ‘travel cheap’ compared to flying and staying in 5 star hotels.

Sherry’s dream trip was to Hawaii. And yes we did have to fly and she is not a fan of flying. We had a great time. 

Sherry left me home and took a trip to the Holy Land, that was also a dream of hers.

My dream trip was to drive to Alaska. That meant the Alcan Highway. My sister (Kat) and Brother in law (Dick) at the time were RV’ers. They wanted to go also.

Below is the sign forest at Watson Lake, If you make the trip, takd a unique sign, We used a NC car tag for ours. There are millions left hanging.
Below is a shot entering Alaska on the Top of the World Highway.
We did not get a pic of our coachcrossing the Yukon River but this is Dick & Kats, we were on the next load.

A bad shot of Salmon fishermen. We caught and cooked Salmon, it was delicious.
We spent many days in the back country This is Dick and KAt at one stop. 

You cannot imagine the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Lakes. I think we left the ALCAN at Whitehorse in the Yukon and headed for Dawson City, then crossing the Yukon River and on to the ‘Top of the World Highway.’

The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alaskan Highway or the Alcan Highway, is the 2,224 Km/1382 mile road that connects Dawson Creek, BC in Canada to Delta Junction, Alaska.. The length of the Top of the World Highway itself is 175 miles/281 Km and connects Dawson City, Yukon back to the Alaska Highway near Tok Alaska.

I did pan for gold in Dawson Creek and did get some flakes.

I just wanted to point out a highlight of our lives. It was a fantastic trip, We left in May and returned in August. A long rewarding drive.


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PS: Sorry to give the impression of Gloom and doom the last few posts. I can remember brighter days and know some will be seen later...


Unknown said...

Going to the Holy Land should be on everyone's bucket list. Good for Sherry, I'm sure she's glad she checked that off her bucket list. I know a lot of people who would love to visit the Holy Land, me included. I just don't feel that same urge to travel so much as I get older. But I'm only 60 so there's still a little time. LOL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to have all those wonderful memories when times are tough. I often do the same my self, look back to happier days. They do help us get through the tough ones. We have a rainey day here so I'll be looking at some pictures of that Florida sunshine. I did get to enjoy some warmer sunny days !

Woody said...

Great Pictures of your Trip and of Alaska, I sent my daughter who was 14 up to my sisters in Kenai and she worked in a Salmon Canning Factory, she came home after 6 weeks with a few Thousand Dollars !!!! My sister lived in Kenia for 30 years ! Hope things settle down for you ! Take care, Keeping you all in Prayers ! Love, Gary and Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

Well, I do hope things get better for you.
I have been to Alaska and it is as beautiful as you say.
Been to Hawaii as well.
I would love to go to the Holy Land for sure.

Mevely317 said...

I think of all your adventures, this Alaska expedition is my favorite! I've known people who just don't 'get' spending time and dollars on travel, but my dad always said, it was the best education; worth every penny and more.

Still praying re. those circumstances. Hang in there!

yaya said...

Our trip to Alaska was fantastic also but we flew and cruised. We were only on the boat 3 days and the rest was by train, and bus. We have similar pics at those same signs! I would go again in a heartbeat. We loved Denali and did some white water rafting. Not sure I'd be up to that again! I'm glad you're OK and unfortunately a little rain does fall in our lives from time to time. Take care and keep the trip memories coming!

Susan Kane said...

We went to Alaska back in 1999, following surgery on my right elbow. Your adventures there must have been amazing. I hope your good wife goes to the Holy Land. I'd go with her, but I hope you are going, too. May you always have the adventurous spirit. May you always see the beauty created by God.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I keep commenting and my comments vanish. Maybe in your SPAM folder.

God bless.

Victor S E Moubarak