Sunday, July 21, 2019

Back on the road today.

Early interesting Trucks:
'36 Ford pick up! (with a little customizing. lol)
For today:
We have a beautiful 500 mile drive ahead of us. We will cut that in two, to prevent going in too late.

We will say goodbye to the farm lands of Pennsylvania and great friends, who have remained for the long haul. I am not morbid, but know we are all old(er) now. It is possible we will never see each other again,in this world.  I hope we do but as my brother said, “One never knows, does one?” 

Was the movie Shane filmed here? In my mind, I see the kid calling out, “Come back Shane!” as we drive thru. LOL

Considering that it is an interstate view, the view entering NC from VA is spectacular. From the Mountain highway you can see forever.

Ma said in her comment on my entry on ‘stocks’, I watched my retirement fund drop when the stocks fell. Lots of folks did that is for sure. That stuff confuses me.

I had to smile on the same blog Jean told about cashing in bonds after Grover passed. She said she felt like she signed bonds all day, Yeah Jean, me too. We had many $25 and $50 ones. I signed them until my fingers were worn. They need a better way. You must fill in addresses as well as sign your name. It really is a pill, no joke!

Oh, if you read Rick, the dude is teaching Jordan and kin the old fashioned games: freeze, tag, red light green light and hiding go seek. Methinks he is keeping them off his computer to save elec. LOL  Just kidding, Bro. Rick,  I think that is great. BUT, but we could all drop by his house, his bees rewarded him with a gallon of honey, but I think they used to call it ‘Robbing the bees’, just sayin’.

Myra, I can't help on Sudoku, I'm lost and I love numbers. Not sure I like the game. LOL. I felt a little ignorant, so I quit!.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope your trip is a good one and the weather too. Here it's raining and there was a lot of flooding on the roads south of us. We were reminded over and over to remember to turn around and not drown. We never know when we say good bye if we will see someone again so I always try to remember to let them know just how much they are appreciated.

betty said...

Safe travels! I think its great to teach the young ones the old fashioned games! I know the wee one likes hide and seek and tag. In a bit we'll make sure he knows red light/green light, mother may I etc.


Glenda said...

It's nostalgic I know when you visit dear ones and don't know if you'll see them again, glad you had a great time. Enjoy your travels, love and hugs from Chobee.

Mevely317 said...

Indeed, one never knows what awaits around the bend. Aren't you glad you made that trip? I hope the 'first leg' of the journey was pleasant. I always look forward to your recaps from the road!

Lisa said...

You lost me when you said Rick has a gallon of honey already, I must have missed a post. Im heading over there now to check that out.
I thought it took forever for bees to produce enough honey to do anything with!!

Resting in Gtown