Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Starter Price, Your first Born!

Early interesting Cars:
 This could drive you bananas!

But for today:
This is the 4th holidays. And yes according to our Road service this was the only game in town. Before Alvin left the night before he said, "The worst case scenario the starter will be installed by 2 PM tomorrow."

When he did not show up at 7AM  I told Sherry he would have a good ‘story’ upon arrival. He did arrive at 10  to remove the starter. I was wondering how that ‘story about going to get the starter would play out, since he did not know which engine was in the coach.’

He removed the starter, left his tools and hit the road ‘to find a replacement.’  Now honestly it is best to have the old piece of equipment with you to make sure the replacement is the same. Auto parts places, at one time, were notorious for ‘selling the wrong part’. (I have a sad story about that, tomorrow?). He arrived back in two hours with the new starter. 

Standing by the truck in 90+ degree heat he told us, “I had a rough night last night. MY wife went into labor with our 3rd son. I was there all night she is still there and they predict today or tomorrow for the birth.”

I knew there would be a good story, that was better than most. I did believe it. BUT it was still poor business not to keep the customer up to date (not always convenient but necessary for a good business).

But we were on the road before 2pm. And a couple hundred miles up the road.  We are settled in southern Virginia by a nice lake, very happy and tired.

Cost of the job? More than my W2 for the year 1956; the first year of our marriage. Of course then rent was $43 and I made less than $80 a month. LOL SOOOO..We paid 'holiday' wages, $85 an hour.

But the trip was great. Life is good. The clouds were beautiful and I did not get lost ONCE! 

More on the trip next time. Oh, and then there was HURT! (tomorrow)

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betty said...

You left us with 2 cliffhangers, LOL. What the hurt was and then of course I would want to know when the baby got born, not that he would have kept you up to date on that. Glad you were on the road. I have to say his story is just a touch suspicious. I can't imagine any woman letting her man go to work while she's in labor, but perhaps at $85 an hour, one might consider it especially if you have now an extra mouth to feed. Enjoy your trip!


Susan Kane said...

Poor girl! The husband/mechanic kept his word, and that was important to business.

I was in labor with our 1st for 45 hours. Then had to have a C-section. By the 25th hour, I sent John home. Why? He was dropping his head every few minutes.

What is the story about the banana car? Where do you find your great cars? Safe journey and have a 'bunch' of fun.

Lisa said...

I'm glad you got the starter and on the road. You kids be safe and Ill check back tomorrow to get the rest of the story!!!!

From the place you left behind

Glenda said...

Those blue skies and puffy clouds look great! Sounds like a story that one wouldn't conjure up if it was not the truth, agree an update should have been a part of the deal....especially at those hourly costs. I'm happy to hear y'all got the show on the road, enjoy!!!

Mevely317 said...

I love how you and Sherry make a point of focusing on the positive. (Could you have a talk with Tom? Ha!)
The new baby story reminds me of my mother's renter. Perhaps they'll name their new son after you?

Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you and Sherry are you your way - but that poor girl in labor for three days - awful!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Can't have a much better story than a wife in labor. So-working on that vehicle was NOT a LABOR of LOVE...unlike the one some to be born. Glad you are safely in "port"for the time being. Life is good- Happy 4th!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy 4th of July to my favorite couple! Glad you are on your way! Have a safe and happy trip!