Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Financial Distress and the Amish and True Lighters

A fun car
The 1930s Hot Rod, the dream of teenage boys in the 50s!

Now today:

With the lowest unemployment in 50 years, I just read that 4 out of 10 families in the USA are in financial trouble. They live from pay day to payday. We Americans should learn from our forefathers and the Amish.

 My dear friend Kenneth Conrad (Glenda’s dad) introduced me to the Amish when we lived in Missouri. Then traveling to this area of Pennsylvania I learned a little more. Around home we have “The True Lighters”. The True Light church is local east of Charlotte. Their religious beliefs include training their children for a life of success. The kids after 5 work 1/2 day and school ½ day then play. They are trained in all areas of construction and money management. At some point they start with a small hourly wage that increases with their skill. They only get a small allowance, the rest goes into a savings account. By the time they are 16 they can buy a new truck. Before they are 25 they can pay for a home.

The Government charged them with child abuse, I am not sure of the work/school situation at present. I worked with some to the True Light crews. Their work was almost flawless. 

All my working life many of my peers lived from payday to payday and at times borrowed from friends,

Our parents came through the Great Depression and we heard, ‘Put something back for a rainy day,’ all our lives.

We were fortunate and neither of us ‘needed’ the best or latest. We never bought a new car until we could pay cash for it. The few loans we floated, were paid off early. About 25 years into our marriage we were able to live debt free.

I watched my peers over the last 50 years and the ones always in a financial bind were the ones who just had to have ‘everything’ NOW. The latest big people toys, the latest washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove even if theirs was still working fine.

I see a young carpenter driving a new 50K 4 door, jacked up pickup and wonders why he needs more overtime and extra jobs to tow his new boat to the river (when he has time).

I will stop with this, I know not everyone in financial trouble has mismanaged and they deserve every break they can get, but much financial distress is self-generated by our thirst for things.

 Family deaths, divorce and health issues have also sunk many of my peers.

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PS: We drove around today to mail letters and shop. I FORGOT my camera. So you got the above! This is some beautiful farming country! 

PS2 FIG NEWTON. After reading Rick's entry (life101) I got to wondering why my favorite cookie is called a Newton. It was named after Newton Mass by Nabisco. Ah ha!


Mevely317 said...

GREAT post, Jack ….. 'Gotta share this on Facebook!
I've never heard of the True Lighters, but applaud their vision. Wishing y'all a great day!

betty said...

Wow, its amazing the government called it abuse with the children. I call it good parenting. And I'm sure they had age appropriate activities that increased as they grew. I had not heard of them before you mentioned them here. So true that people get into financial trouble sometimes because of wants. I admit I went through that a little in early marriage life but then saw that the money had to come from somewhere to pay back stuff so quickly wised up to only spend what came in and to try to put something away for that proverbial rainy day. I tried to teach son (and it worked about 50% of the time LOL) that when he wanted something impulsively to not buy it right then but to wait at least 24 hours. Nine out of 10 times he no longer wanted the item the following day. Consumers these days need to follow something similar and be content with what they have.


Glenda said...

Our parents always quoted "A penny saved is a penny earned". As kids we picked up "pop" bottles and redeemed for those pennies, which was promptly spent on candy! Good entry, hope y'all are having fun.

Woody said...

I have so many Jokes about some names of Places in Pennsylvania BUT I will not go there ! We are slowly getting things packed and unpacked, Pre possession is nice. It is still hot, but this new place is facing south, the back deck faces north and we have seen a couple nice sunsets ! Sounds like your busy traveling, Glad you are out and about ! Well it is off to unpack boxes IN MY GARAGE !!!! You an Sherry take care, sending Love and Blessings down from the Steamy North, Gary an Anna Mae !

Chatty Crone said...

Well you could have kids that use your money - and you have a hard time saying no.

I have always wanted to see the Amish for real - we have one store here, but it is not really real.

Susan Kane said...

Frugality is close to be a distant memory. We paid for our children's Christmas one year with change from the coin jar. We shopped at GoodWill for their clothing. Anyone who has had to work hard should know about it.


yaya said...

I'd never heard of the True Lighters but I applaud their work ethic and teaching kiddos how to be self sufficient and debt free. I live around the Amish and we've had them do work on our home and have always done a great job. The only thing I'm not crazy about at all with the Amish are the puppy mills in these parts. Animals are just means to an, money, etc. But Jack has some as patients and they are really nice. My friend drives for the Amish...we call them "Yoder Toters"! One last thing: My Jack's favorite cookie is a Fig Newton!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have a big Amish community in Ohio and they are in many cases to be admired. But I've found that some are more successful than others. Like most of us. We'd all do good to teach our children the ways of life when they are young. I always figured that to be a priority of being a parent. Although none of mine could buy their own truck at the age of 16 they could pay for their own car insurance. We're to have some thunderstorm here today, hope you al stay dry.

Lisa said...

I dont think I like the idea of working kids as early as 5 years old. But money management should be taught and be strict. Sadly, now days, kids are taught that everything can be free if they play their cards right. Burns me up. Kids are spoiled now days.
We gave a lot to my daughter but we also taught her how to work for what she needs and wants. We gave her allowance and bought her school clothes. If she wanted the expensive stuff, she had to save her money for it. Nick even held the title to her car until she paid him off for it. She has worked since she was 16. Now at 27, she has a 4 figure paycheck and lives in a high rise apartment in the big city. But still drives her little car she now owns. Haha.

Stay safe on the roads

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