Sunday, July 14, 2019

The old, the changes and the human brain

A nice old  car
 1938 Plymouth coupe

Now today:
Below is a picture of the High School where Sherry attended and graduated. I spent a couple of years here also.  But the picture is not about that, because Sherry was still a baby the year this was built 39-40. The point I wanted to make was the cost of construction of this project was $195,000.  Look at that cream colored brick building and think, $195,000.

Funny that, most of the people who attended, now live in homes that cost that much or more. BUT back then a Pepsi and a pack of cheese crackers were 5 cents each. If you smoked, cigarettes were 15 cents a pack or a $1 a carton. Now I am told cigarettes can cost as much as $7-9 a PACK. I was once a smoker and enjoyed the habit but I did quit. (Note: Quitting  ‘WEREN’T’ EASY, LOL!)

But this is about change, and time does change the life around us. Labor wages were less than $.50 an hour at the time the BHS was built.

In the 1970s I received orders to Albany, GA to teach Naval Intelligence Processing System (NIPS).  The base was due to close in a year. Plains, GA was just up the road BUT the name Jimmy Carter was an unknown at the time.

We met Chief Doughton and family.  Our likes, dislikes and family values were compatible, we became friends. Joan was outgoing,  the life of the party or gathering. That couple could dance! I understand they still can. She has an infectious laugh. They have a beautiful family very mannerly.

Sherry and I are well acquainted with Alzheimer’s and dementia, but it still takes you aback when a close friend does not know you. I have seen personality changes in dementia victims, but this Joan has the same outgoing personality she has always had.  She carries on a general conversation with ease. If you did not get ‘specific', things would seem normal. She talked to us, like we ‘are’, old friends, but she has no idea who we are. The human brain is amazing.

If you KNOW, YOU understand. If you do not know, I pray you NEVER know personally.

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Mevely317 said...

Heartbreaking, indeed! I once knew a lady with a personality much like your friend Joan. An ultimate hostess with a smile and sparkle in her eyes that couldn't be beat. Only when the next day - or the next hour - did she come and repeatedly introduce herself did one realize what lay behind the charm. Again, that title from an old favorite book comes to mind, "Tears are for the Living."

betty said...

Amazing to think how things have gone up so much in price over the years. I worry what will happen when the minimum wage in Arizona goes up to $12 next January 1st. Already companies are tightening up and at some places customer service is nonexistent. I too am amazed how much a pack of cigarettes cost. I haven't ever smoked but the guy in front of us at the grocery store last week was buying a pack and it was $7.50! That is an expensive habit if you smoke a pack a day.

Its terrible when someone loses their memory. Like I've said on many occasions. I rather have physical ailments than get Alzheimer's or similar. I do want to preserve what I have and to remember those I love and know until I am no longer this side of eternity.


Chatty Crone said...

That is soooooooooo scary. I hate that disease. It does't seem fair. You struggle all your life to get old to take it easy and then wham-mo!

Glenda said...

Agree that inflation is a killer; Social Security's COLA is a joke. We who have worked are bearing the brunt of government programs that are continually abused, IMO.

Susan Kane said...

In 1970 I was paid $1 as a waitress, not incl. tips. Which then I had to donate part of them.

Sadly, we see too much of dementia. We have lived in this 55+ community for 3 yrs. and during that time have watched friends slip from those we knew 3 yrs ago, to dif. people.

Good post, Jack.

yaya said...

I watched my dear Uncle Dave as he slowly gave way to that awful disease. It was so hard on my Aunt as she took care of him at home until the day he passed. I hope your friend can continue as she is for a long time before even a simple conversation is no longer possible.

Lisa said...

Dementia or Alzheimer scares me. No one in my family has had it but Im always afraid I’d be the first. I think as we get older its normal to get forgetful and confused easy and it makes us afraid of the dreaded disease.
We saw our backyard neighbor go from mowing his grass and having long conversations about his garden to going into a living facility and forgetting everything and not know who we were within 6 months! It is hurtful when your someones favorite person then they forget you. But I get it.

Stay safe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Unless you lived back then it is hard to realized that the costs of things are all relative. Some homes do cost as much today as it did to build a school back then, but then wages were not what they used to be others. And unless you know or live with someone that has lost their memory it's hard to realized how devastating it is. A dear friend of mine died because her mind forgot how to breathe. It's heartbreaking and even though they say there are some things that will help our memory, when this disease hits, it can be slowed down, but not stopped.