Monday, July 15, 2019

Mass transportation

Early interesting Cars:
 That 1955 Chrysler DeSota! Remember the DeSota?
For today:
It is very hard for someone from my area, to understand trolleys, trains, subways and busses. By understand, I mean the logistics and knowledge required to get on the correct transit, pay the right amount, the right way and do the transfer required to use the mass transit properly.
Mel, from ‘Honey I’m Home’ used to put her ‘bus stories’ on her blog. Some were hilarious, some aggravating and a few scary. Seems to me you gotta be pretty tough(ATTITUDE) to live and travel that way.
Sherry & I rode the subway in DC just to experience the speed and crowds. I felt uncomfortable, not unsafe.  We did not try it in NYC, to be honest I had heard/read too many horror stories associated.
I have ridden double decker busses and trains in the UK and Europe. BUT there it is not much of problem because right away they know you ‘Aren’t from here”, so they go out of the way to assist the ignorant American. Oh, side note: If you are in London don’t be misled by large signs that advertise: “Work for the Underground, Good pay & Retirement.” It is the Subway (UNDERGROUND) of London advertising for workers.
I do see the necessity of mass transit, I am just too old to comprehend and use it. Even in the 50’s in the USMC I met young men that had never driven or even ridden in a car, I was shocked. Many kids from the cities did not have a driver’s license. We taught them to drive jeeps and trucks.
WHEN I drove in NYC later, I understood. Just parking would cost an arm and leg. In the cities someone forgot to install driveways and garages. LOL
Now I am laughing, I probably shouldn’t drive a car in a city now. We actually found a parking spot (meter) here in Lancaster. Fortunately it had a little time on it. We were fortunate for the 8 minutes, because an “APP” was required to use the meter! Now they even want me to use an APP to order at McD’s!
Do you use the bus or trains?
Do your parking meters still take change?

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My Tata's Cottage said...

Good morning, in Denver they still have parking meters that use cash. We used one on the Saturday my hubby does mail every 6 weeks. We usually just need a quarter because the bagel shop where we get our to go breakfast is just a jaunt around the corner. We rode the subways in NYC but had our oldest son to help us . He visited for a Super Bowl so he learned quickly to get around. I'm not a huge fan of lots of people in large crowds but am claustrophobic so when riding an elevator (hubbys office on the 26th floor) I pray and hold his hand. I did ride to the top of the Empire State Bldg. The view at the top was perfect because it was a clear day. I also used the RTD bus system for many years while working but rode the express bus and only once in 30 plus years saw a weird situation. Now the city buses, hahaha, that is a matter for a book on the strangest things I ever saw. LOve that classic car. Have a great day!

Glenda said...

Yes, I remember the Desota, ours was green and white. And on my first trip to NYC to buy inventory for the Kennett shop one of the sales reps in the garment center insisted that he chaperone on the subway, it was his feeling a visitor to the Big should have the experience! In later years, I flew into LaGuardia and rented a car to go to Queens ~ drove that rental back and took a cab to my destination, not for nothing would I drive New Yorks roadways! Lucky you with time on the meter albeit short!!!

betty said...

I loved the metro in Washington, DC (I think that's what its called) when we were visiting back in 2005. We didn't use it the last time because we didn't go to the DC area and toured around it. It was great for getting places without that proverbial parking fee. I've used the Trolley in San Diego a few times; son used it a lot. These days I know a lot of them have homeless people on them. Nothing wrong with homeless but they can buy a pass for the day or sneak on and off of them and in the case here escape the heat for a bit.

When I was growing up, we didn't have a car so we used the bus all the time or our 2 feet, LOL. It wasn't so bad to manipulate around and get transfers from 1 line to another. DIL has a cousin who lives here. She doesn't drive. Gets all around with buses or Uber and she has an 8-month-old child!

I just downloaded an app to my phone for parking spaces here in the Phoenix area. I linked our credit card to it and so whenever we are in the areas with parking meters, I can just open the app and it will show me where the parking spots are open and available! There truly is an app for everything!


Mevely317 said...

Except while on vacation to NYC, I've not had occasion to use public transportation. Whoops. I take that back. In the early 90's I nearly expired from fright, trying to navigate Rome's trains system all by my lonesome.

I don't know that Tom or I need to park downtown anytime soon, but this post makes me think about doing our homework ahead of time! Ha, I'm old enough to remember the biggest challenge about city parking was finding a spot where you didn't have to parallel park.


i grew up in the country far away from the mass transit so i've only had a few experiences with it.

Susan Kane said...

In London, the underground felt natural, it had been in operation for 120? years, maybe? It makes sense. NYC felt like a zoo, as was walking down a sidewalk.

One SIL is front England, doesn't drive and really, he didn't need to.

S. Calif. is a fwy city. Public buses are available.

I am with Taryterre above.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember riding the city bus when I was a young girl before I started driving. It was either that or walk, which I did do a lot of. We'd even ride the bus into the big city of Cleveland, Ohio. Big cities seem to need that mass transit more than small towns like mine. Our parking spots are now free, no more meters. But we used to put change in them. Funniest thing I ever saw was in Amish country here when a boy with a tractor was pulling a wagon load of Amish people into the parking lot at Walmart. Where there is a will there is a way...