Tuesday, July 23, 2019

RV’ing like a normal way of life has SURPRISEs!

Early interesting Cars:
Another Metro. We owned three of them, It is a sweet little car with an MG engine.

For today:
We had a great start Yesterday AM. And the best surprise  was the traffic on Hwy 30 thru Gettysburg & York was very light with lite overcast skies. A great drive. We took I-81 South. We love the Shenandoah’s. I looked over at the mountains, we truly enjoyed hiking there, twas easy and nice. BUT I remembered that was the only place I got lost while we hiked the AT. The trail is well marked and the hike in the Shenandoah’s is just as pretty as they look. Somehow I missed a blaze and we got on an animal trail for a while, before we had to back track.

Anyway our plans were to stop in Christiansburg and overnight. Just before that city I saw a HUGE scar coming across one of the huge mountains and down into the valley. Cleared land and what looked like huge pipe sections scattered in the cleared area.

We made guesses about it but then turned our attention to the beautiful sights all around us. AT CHRSTIANSBURG we LEARNED. NO SITES anywhere in the area for overnight campers. The owner of the park came out (He usually waits inside or we self-register). We knew something was different. He apologized, “THE PIPELINE workers have taken every site in the area, for a year!” SHUCKS!
We were only 3 hours from home, so we drove on in. this entry is on the same computer but in our bedroom in North Carolina.

Yes we are very glad we took the short trip. I am not sure I am happy with some realizations or things we discovered that affect big decisions in the near future.

Please give us some attention in your prayers. A couple Hail Mary’s can’t hurt, and I appreciate all positive thoughts. Maybe I will cover a little tomorrow. We are beat. That is 2-3 hours more than we usually drive, since reaching our 80s!

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Mevely317 said...

Oh, what an unpleasant surprise at Christiansburg!

Sure grateful y'all made it home safely; I can sure identify with that level of road-weary. Of course, I'm lifting you both in my prayers … with a few Hail Mary's thrown in for good measure. (I'm not Roman Catholic, but don't think Mr. God cares!)

Glenda said...

So happy you made it home safe and sound, now REST :)

betty said...

I hate bad life curves so I'll definitely pray for you both and hope this is just a setback and not something more major than that. Interesting about the pipeline! I bet its great for business but made things more expensive. Same thing happened around the area where we lived in Billings Montana when the pipeline was being built over in North Dakota. Changed the whole town I think.

Glad you are safely back, rest up!


Susan Kane said...

What!? Another nature beauty being stripped? We see hills being scraped away here.

Glad you are making it home, safe and reasonably sound. Looking forward to hearing stories from you!

Woody said...

Glad you are safe and sound and are Home !! I did hear a couple Sno Birds talk about this Construction work off I 81 ! Waiting for the next post, Love and Happiness for you, Gary and Anna Mae !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Will definitely keep you both in my prayers. I'm glad you made it home safely but yes that was a very long drive. Life does come with surprises for sure. We can only make the best of what comes our way.Take good care and get some well deserved rest.