Saturday, July 27, 2019

Finally, Pen Pals

A favorite car
 1946 Chevy 2 ton. (I had one sortalike this to pull our trailer but never used it.)

Now today:

Blogs this week have been fun, interesting and informative. I assume blogging is one of the ‘social media’ things.  After my first failure at ‘pen pals’ (6th grade), I never pictured having a ‘pen pal’ again, much less several of them. LOL .  The stamps, and trips to the PO stopped the first attempt.

OH yeah, I just got a call about the entry yesterday. I knew my friend Don would know. My good friend Evelyn called to say, “Don says the bug is a Volkswagen Beetle!” yeah Don is a smart Alec.

To Stormy. She has chosen a small chest in the garage as her ‘perch’. I am trying Lisa’s suggestion to get her used to a box, so I have put one having short sides there with an old towel in it. She was leery at first but now is comfortable there.

If you read Betty’s GREAT blog on ‘double standards’ you might have had a tinge of guilt yourownself.  I did. One thing I have always been a stickler about to the boys was unplugging an electrical device by holding the actual plug as you pulled it. In other words, my mantra was: NEVER USE THE CORD TO PULL IT LOOSE!  I noticed the other day I unplugged my drill by yanking the power cord. Truthfully the plug device has been improved and not as likely to cause a short or open in the wires. But that is not the point, I am breaking my own rule.

There are probably more, but that one got to me before I read Betty, then my mind brought it back in capital letters!  LOL

And Bless your heart Susan of the blog She ID’d the bug as a Rhinoceros Beetle.  She cheated though, her son who is an entomologist probably had one of these in his room growing up. ;-) He probably named it: ‘ol Hook like Rick’s dog.

And finally, since Myra’s blog, I have been counting cousins. I had forgotten how many ‘hundreds’ I have.

So in the end, my opinion is that ‘Pen Pals’ morphed into friends/followers in bloggerville. I like it this way. LOL .. I do appreciate you guys that read and comment. There is much more you could be doing on this vast internet!

Just in.......... up date...... Darla from up in the North woods says that is a Hercules Beetle. I no longer get notices when comments are added, but I try to check back.  More on this bug later.... What a story.

Nite Shipslog
Funny about the truck up front. Things were tight 1971, when the tranny failed in our car and I traded the truck to the junk yard for a transmission installed. LOL


Mevely317 said...

Aw, thanks for the shout-out and updates! Betty's post sure 'twinged' a few of my own strings!
Never thought about us all being 'pen pals' … but yes. That's pretty neat. I appreciate you, too!

Woody said...

Hey, How are things, I had a Pen Pal" in the 6th grade, he was from England , we wrote several letters and that was it. Right now it is HOT and MUGGY so I am inside, I was puttering around in the Garage now I am inside in my recliner getting ready for my daily afternoon NAP !!!!!! My Honey is just getting home from Grocery shopping with her Mother who is up here with us from Okeechobee Florida !!! Take care! Gary & Anna Mae sending our love and best wishs !

Glenda said...

Woody, it's hot and muggy in Okeechobee today as well, looks like more rain. That truck is an eye-catcher, but if you weren't using it, sounds like your trade was a good one! Y'all have a great weekend with your beetles and Stormy girl.

Susan Kane said...

My son had 2 tarantulas and some sort of fruit eating centipede. It seems to me that this beetle could be almost either. The photos show other derivations. Glad you have it and I don't!

I remember having a penpal. Then my Grandma harrumphed about him being Church of England. He asked me if I had heard of the beatles?

betty said...

Blogging is a lot more fun than waiting for pen pals to write back! We get instant gratification LOL when we do a blog post and then read the comments. Thanks for the shout out! Methinks before long you are going to have a pet by tne name of Stormy and no longer a feral cat that goes by the name of Stormy.


Rick Watson said...

I’ve never counted cousins. This might take a while.

NanaDiana said...

I had several penpals from Hawaii in 1959 (when they became a state) and kept one for several years-Sharon Kameda. I tried to find her several times over the years but apparently it is a common Hawaiian name.
I love the way you guys have connected with so many people in blogland. You always bring a smile to my face.

Lisa said...

This was a fun one to read. You had me counting cousins. I have 11 first cousins. They are all married with kids so I have many 2nd cousins and even thirds.
I pull the plugs by the wire but if Nick sees me do it I get my hand spanked. Haha.
As far as Comment notices. I have to check back here too for comments. I get an email notice on about half of the commenters but not all. I have not figured that out yet. You are one that I no longer get an email notifications from. Im sure there is a solution to the problem but Im tired of looking. Haha.

Heading to church

Dar said...

Now that I have a new-fangled computer again, I found some of the lost blog addresses I had to re-read. I always get a notification when you have a new blog story for me to read. I love that. I'm so sorry I missed so many while I was down and out. I'll catch up soon. As for the beetle, yep, a Hercules with all the spots. :) It's a hot one outside today so like Woody, the recliner sounds great with the A/C on high. So StormyD is getting comfortable. Maybe her next litter will be in 'the box.'
loven'hugs from up north where a strong storm is headed our way. That'll cool things off