Thursday, July 11, 2019

Surprise deal and too late for fresh corn today!

A 50s car
 Customized and lowered '56 Chevy

Now today:
I am truly getting old… We drove out yesterday and started to take pictures of this beautiful country and I had forgotten to put the memory card in the camera.  Yeah I know I should use the phone, but I have a problem getting them onto our computer. LOL
An old bridge crossing the Susquehanna River  

             (Empty wagons,no corn left)

Things take a beating after thousands of miles in the motor home. Some roads give the shocks and airbags a work out! So a wall light bit the dust. Off to Lowes to get a replacement. I  missed only one road(LOL). But we did pick out one fixture, nice for $36.  I planned to add an $8 switch. I carried it around and we spotted a floor lamp that would work for only $26.99. I put the wall light back. Mr. Lowes came by and I said, "I can’t find these on the shelf."
 “Last one, want it?”
“Yes sir we do.”
He took his marker out, crossed out the $26 price and  marked it ‘Display item $12’. He slid it over to us, “The dust is free, we can dust tonight and tomorrow it will be covered again.”

Of course we thanked him a bunch. The lamp even had a new $3 LED bulb. WE be happy.

Oh yeah the Fresh corn lady was right about we needed to come early for corn, at 11AM all farm wagons were empty. As the month rolls on they will sell 4-6 wagons a day as the corn comes in faster.  Good price 13 ears $3.

Tomorrow, fresh corn and good pictures.
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betty said...

That is a great price for corn! I bet the farmers are glad to have such willing customers for the corn and how quickly it sells out! Seems a bit early in the season for fresh corn as my mom used to always say about corn "knee high by the 4th of July."

Great customer service at Lowes and a great bargain you picked up!

My new phone automatically is connected to my computer so when I want to load up something on blogger, it asks me if I want the pictures from my phone or from the computer itself. I like that feature!


Glenda said...

Don't ya love getting a getting a good buy? You hit it lucky at Lowe's and fresh corn is a great bargain as well! I'm looking forward to capturing some homegrown mangoes from Luke's backyard tomorrow, yum. Hugs, from Chobee

Mevely317 said...

What a great buy on that standing lamp! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!
Like Betty, my new Google phone automatically forwards it's pictures to the computer. (Or, is it the cloud? I'm easily confused!) Anyway! Prior to that I'd forward my phone picture(s) to my e-mail.

Mevely317 said...

Aaargh. Sherry's probably shaking her head, seeing where I wrote 'it's pictures." Really, I KNOW better!

Susan Kane said...

Anymore, we use our phone camera and photos go to computer.

Corn, fresh corn. Hmmmm. Albertson's 'fresh' corn is pretty awful. Time to search out fresh produce stands.

It is refreshing to get good service.

Rick Watson said...

Y’all have fun on the road Jack.

yaya said...

It's great to score a good bargain! My Mom was always the queen of the great find but she doesn't shop for stuff anymore..probably when your 93 you've seen it, bought it, sold it, or lost it! Continue to enjoy your trip. Oh, I just remembered this little tidbit about corn...when I buy it at Aldi, in the 4 pack, it's always really good! Never had a bad one. I'm sure fresh from the field is a winner too!

Lisa said...

The Lowes man was nice. What a great deal. And the corn? Even better deal.
As for the pictures. I blog from my ipad so pictures are just there but you can always do what Nick does. He will email himself pictures from his phone and save them on his computer from the email.

Off to work now.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a day for bargains, great bargain on the lamp and a bargain price on the corn. I've yet to have my first fix on fresh corn here, but soon. Last year it was a bit higher than your price presently is and I expect it will be higher yet this year. It's usually ready by the 4th, but due to all the flooding we had during planting season they are now saying it'll be ready mid July. Can't wait!