Thursday, July 25, 2019

Stormy D. plus our tomato crop

A favorite car
 '54 Packard Panther

Now today:
We came home from PA and our neighbor Michelle said Stormy had missed us. It didn’t take Stormy D. long to fall into the petting mode.  She likes to roll on her back and try to catch my hand. Those claws are sharp, haven’t got injured but twice. I have her where she doesn’t keep the claws out. I am really not a cat person, too bad there isn’t a feral beagle or cocker spaniel around. Hahaha.

 Plays and gets petted mostly in the GArage She doesn't look big enough to have had 3 litters and lost them all.
 She eats in the Garage also.
5 sec video from the trail camera. Milk for Stormy D.

I do enjoy talking to her as I pet her. Sherry joins in the petting sometime. Stormy has left the front porch chairs and gets her petting in the garage.

 You cannot see most of them But I counted 42 tomatoes hanging.

WOW, I left the tomato plants in those round wire holders. They are out the top now and loaded with tomatoes. This is the best crop of tomatoes I have had in years. But it is also the longest we have been stationary.

BUT, but I have a question. What if you wanted a Red Delicious Apple tree? You bought it and planted it according to instructions and waited five years and WOW you get your first little apples. They are green of course, I guess all apples are green at birth (LOL). BUT your apple stays green. It is not the shape of the Red, so after a while you must pull it and taste it, it is a GRANNY SMITH! Now I ask that because how do you know?
OKAY. We bought two Better Boy slicing tomato plants and six what I call ‘Tommy-toes’, or cherry tomatoes. Well, we now have 8 slicing tomato plants, big juicy looking green and some ripe tomatoes, NO cherry tomatoes in the bunch, NONE! I ain’t gonna complain, we are gonna eat them. But I was expecting grape or cherry tomatoes, or mama’s ‘Tommy-toes’.
I’m just saying, it only takes a few weeks to learn the tomato plants secret (who am I?) but those fruit trees, that is another bunch of bananas.

BUT I do love tomatoes….

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betty said...

There is nothing better than a home grown tomato. I like tomatoes but then I tire of them if I have had a lot of them. We grew tomatoes when we lived in Montana. Always fun to watch the process. Stormy did indeed miss you!


Lisa said...

I'm with Betty ↑ that there is nothing better than home grown tomoates. I think it's time for you and Sherry to make some mater samiches.
Stormy looks like she loves her new feeding spot. Hopefully she will have her next litter in a place so you can see the the little suckers.

Welcome back

Mevely317 said...

Unless you count peas while in 5th grade, I've never tried growing anything. Yet. Sounds silly, but I'm worried about sticking my hands somewhere I can't see them and feeling something slither.
Used to be I couldn't stand tomatoes, but since moving here I'm learning to like them.

Glenda said...

Y'alls tomato plants look wonderful. Good JOB, enjoy!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great to see your Stormy stuck around even though you were gone. She's brought you a lot of joy! Those tomato plants look wonderful. You did do a great job with them. We trust the plant people to give us what we want, but there have been many times that I too have been surprised. I don't know how we'd know the difference until they were grown either. We do take our chances. Still in all its great you'll have some apples to enjoy. It's a beautiful day in Ohio and yes, I've been enjoying the porch!

Dar said...

Great job with the 'maters,' that are making my mouth water. If I'm lucky, I'll have a few cherry tomatoes today. The corn is taller than the garden fencing, peas are over 6 ft. high and bursting with eatable pods. Soon the zucchini and cucs will be ready. LOVE fresh everything. So nice StormyD missed you. I see you missed her too! Finally I have a new pc. It's been nearly a month. I 'almost' got to the point I could go off the grid. lol
Glad to be reading your stories again. I did miss you guys.
loven'hugs from up north where the sun shines, the birds sing and all is getting back to normal