Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Time for us to decide? The last trip was about that.

Early interesting Cars:
 1928 Chevrolet Note the solid rims, no spokes

Now today:

We are no longer young, yeah I know that is a shock, but it MUST have a bearing on our future. On this trip, Sherry’s first confession was, “I am nervous jack.”  I was driving as we talked, but her statement wasn’t in jest, it was serious.

“Is it my driving?” I asked.

“No, but if we continue living in an RV, I would probably have to take a ½ nerve pill for trips.”  Folks, nerve pills are not normal, nor her way of life. I also don’t want it to become that.

The drive was good, not very congested except in road maintenance areas, but fairly open, otherwise. On the interstate, she jumps, startled,  when someone seems forced to merge but they don't seem to know how or when.

It is becoming nerve wracking to her and I do not want her miserable.  We discussed the price in selling of our coach. Also after the coach is gone, I asked if she still wanted to winter in Florida? She said she did.

That has a couple options. We could buy a ‘trailer’ in Florida. Then either fly down or drive down for the winter.  We have friends who drive and two friends who fly down.

I do agree, I think I would still like to spend the winters in Florida. Sherry will read this. I don’t think she will be upset with my openness here. We need to resolve some questions.

I suggested a trailer because the tax on a trailer is less and much more reasonable than a house. We have lived in trailers and have NO problem with the trailer life style. Many retires choose trailers for that reason. Besides it is the weather not the concern of who likes it or not. 

We have lived in (and now own) what some would call a VERY NICE home and for a few years also lived in trailers. What others think is their problem. It has been over 50 years since I wanted to impress someone (other than Sherry!).  LOL

Nite Shipslog
We have given the small FL home to Mark already, but could probably work out a trade, and get the house back.  It is near an airport in Sanford. Just a passing thought.

ps2: Betty, Words with Friends is Sherry's game with JJ

PS3. And just now she said: Let's not think about selling the motor home just yet.  ;-)   ;-)


betty said...

I think Sherry is wise. Good to talk about it but give it time to really think about it and pray about it. I bet Sherry enjoys her games with JJ! Good way to keep in touch with sons!


Susan Kane said...

Big decision. No advice there. But, listen to good advice from someone who knows.

Mevely317 said...

I'm a wondering if - for the short term - one of your 'boys' or even a grand might coordinate their vacations to act as a chauffeur? How the thought of causing Sherry distress must hurt your heart!
The GOOD news in all of this is, it sounds like you're not in a position to HAVE to do anything right now.

Lisa said...

I'm sure together you will make the right decision. Have you ever thought of just getting a park model in Florida? You can always get a smaller camper or or even a camper van to take trips in if you ever decide to hit the road for a long one.

I would love to live in Florida.

Woody said...

Hi Jack, We have been sno birds, we like flying down to Sanford and renting a car there and if we take the Auto Train we come into Sanford, like it better than Orlando! ! Funny, I got yelled at today to put both hands back on steering wheel by my Honey, we had friends in the car and were going to lunch, she said I weaved a little and mad her nervous !! We unfortunately have given up CAMPING ! I can't do it !! Life goes on, just give away water hose, sewer line, fire pokers and jacks and misc. Oh well, life has to go on, sending warm Hugs and Prayers from New Yawk!!! LOve, Gary and AnnaMae

Chatty Crone said...

I agree - take your time to make a big decision like this. Why is she nervous traveling now? I wouldn't mind leaving in a nice mobile home in Florida with a subdivision that has a pool! I want a simple life.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is going to be a big decision for you. I figure life is too short not to be enjoying it. So do what you enjoy. Is my motto. Wintering in Florida is nice, and I'm sure you'll find a way to work that out. It seems there is always a way to do what we truly want. Keep it simple and make it fun.

Glenda said...

It's a big decision and I agree with the comments above to "take your time". Seeing how some people drive heedlessly and too fast, it's nerve-wracking. I understand why it's more so in a big traveling home. You two will figure it out, lots of the suggested options work for a lot of people. You two will come up with a solution. Hugs, Glenda