Friday, May 7, 2021

Discovering a treasure (LOL), It seems, nothing lasts forever….

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Skip Gibson and Gary Balough - Hialeah Speedway the last picture posted by friend Jimmy of Miami. Today WAS Jimmy's birthday!

(What many people called 'Stock-car racing', hot rodders who souped up their own engines and ran on dirt tracks, But then, nothing lasts forever)

For today:

Yep I am old, I remember when wall to wall carpet was the ultimate. No more cold floors to traverse to the bathroom in the mornings. That old cold floor was almost a reminder of the trip to the outhouse,,,,,,,, I said ALMOST!

It is amazing to see the look on someone’s face when they remove that old nasty, dirty, ragged wall to wall carpet that has done its time for the world of changing fashion, now it is headed for the dump. Oh the face? YES that face when the person sees a beautiful hardwood floor that has been hiding for 30-40 years, just waiting to be rediscovered. 

Before above and after below
YES, today is the rebirth of the hardwood floor. Most hardwood covering today is the nice new no-nail planking, the ‘slap down’ floating flooring. But, but seeing ¾ inch tongue in groove solid-oak is a dream come true to some. Just refinish and voila. Up-to-date and downtown.

Oh yes, nothing lasts forever, remember the bee hive teased hair-dos? The hula hoop?

Asphalt driveways break up, concrete driveways break and crack.  I just thought of what my concrete man, Jerry Ward said when he and Darby would pour for me. I always asked if his guarantee was the same. “Yes sir it is. I guarantee my concrete to get hard and crack !”  He was honest, old Jerry, may he rest in peace.

Sherry and I were in a restaurant the other day, I could hear a weird noise.  I finally asked, “What is that noise?”

“Honey, that is music,” she said.  I said, “Country music didn't last forever, did it?”

YEP, paint fades, clear skies get cloudy, and every tree will eventually come down. We who have them around our houses hope it is not in our lifetimes.

Speaking of lifetime. Auto oil doesn’t last a lifetime. If earth’s memories are still around in heaven, daddy is telling mama, “Jackie’s oil needs to be changed soon.”

I know that Dad, because you have been replaced by the auto manufacturers, they are in cahoots with the oil industry, now my car tells me to CHANGE THE OIL!



betty said...

These days indeed the cars are smarter than we are :) I was driving to work a few months ago when it was cold out and heard this strange beep noise. I was trying to figure it out and saw that I got a warning that we had reached a low temp outside of 37 degrees :)

I think hardwood floors are a lot easier to take care of than carpet, especially if you have animals and young children!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know styles have changed but I still love wayl to wall carpeting. It seems to make my home more cozy, especially in the winter when doors tend to get cold.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is supposed to be when floors get cold. Sorry for all the typos.

Mevely317 said...

I love seeing on HGTV when old flooring is lovingly brought back to life. My son and DIL's home has mostly real wood flooring, but she's taken a healthy dislike to it ... having discovered it's NEVER good if liquid gets spilled on it.

When, a couple years ago, we had the leak and had to replace the ugly laminate we went with ceramic tile that looks for all the world like barnwood. Now I wish we'd done the dining and living rooms at the same time. That carpet is NASTY.

PS - Wish we could find someone reliable like your late concrete friend. Cross fingers, Tom has someone supposed to come give us an estimate after the first guy and his crew walked off the job.

Woody said...

Happy Birthday To Jimmy, Had some nice exchanges of songs and Music with him !!!
I can remember a house my first wife and I bought, stripped the Carpet and there was a Beautiful, shiny Hardwood Floor, only thing we did was fill in the nail holes along the edge of the walls ! This house has full carpet in Living Room and Laundry Room, Thick Plush Burbur and it is "white" ! Wish it had nice Hardwood under it and it would be gone !!! Oh Well, It is nice to walk on when its 30 below zero outside !!! Take Care and sending Love your way from the Rainy North, Gary an Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

Oh how lucky you are to have found and be able to use that wooden floor - I love it!

Dar said...

We have beautiful maple hardwood under our newer wood flooring that I hate. I sure wish I had the old stuff again. It was covered because of lack of any underlayment so the floor was constantly squeaking and resurfacing sand from in between the cracks. Wherever there was a wall moved or doorway changed, the patch jobs were terrible. How I wish it was all back in my world. There's nothing like real hardwood floors. You did an awesome job. Happy BDay to your friend of the past. We miss them when they're no longer in our world, don't we.
loven'hugs from up in our chilly north where the sun has tried all day to shine and the air is cold

Lisa said...

We have true hardwoods throughout out the house except in the bedrooms. Having a hardwood kitchen is the best and the more the knives hit the floor, the more character it gets.

I still Hula Hoop for exercise.