Thursday, May 6, 2021

Now she can go Barefoot (plus kids clothes)

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 I do not miss muddy roads....


For today: (Most pics from the net!)

We always had enough of what was NEEDED as we grew up. During childhood most of us had two pairs of shoes, play and Sunday dress up. Barefooted was normal in the summer. May 1st, in Sherry’s family was the time to go barefooted. In my family the shoes came off when we thought it was comfortable.

I have never liked short pants, I still do not wear them.

I never liked nor wore sandals, I never understood how folks kept from getting stones between the foot and sole.

BUT I can remember when I thought those two toned (black and white) shoes were the cat’s meow.

I remember going thru a phase of peggin our pants legs. Sorta doubling them over and rolling them up.

There was also a phase of ‘snake hips’ where pants were worn lower, but NOTHING like ’pants on the ground’ I have seen in the last few years.

We also did the thin belt thing, the belts were about a ½ inch wide and in colors.

I liked ‘Overhauls’ with  galluses ((over-alls) smile) until I was about ten yrs old. Leaving one gallus hanging loose was COOL! LOL

(The straps were called galluses but my dictionary says it ain’t a word)

'Overhauls' ideal for playing marbles.

I didn't like short pants but I did like stilts. 

I still had stilts when I was older. Here are the twins trying mine out.


PS Closest definition I can find today :gallous(Adjective)

Fit to be hanged; wicked; mischievous….

Does anyone else remember what the straps to the bib on over-all’s were called?




Barbara of Branson said...

I googled overall strap and it said, "bib overall buckle loop also known as calluses, hooks, clasps, hasps or loops."

Mevely317 said...

I remember my father building me a pair of wooden stilts like those shown (in the next to last photo). Boy, I thought I was queen of the hill. LOL.

Tom wears shorts most of the time in summer, but neither of us is fond of sandals. I LOVE going barefoot and would do that all year long if I could.

yaya said...

My Jack never wears shorts. The rolled cuffs was popular in the 90's. My teenage boys wore jeans like that. I just noticed the other day that kids are doing that again. What goes around, comes around or what's old is new again!

Chatty Crone said...

Isn't it funny how fashion goes round and round? About every 20 - 25 years. I still see overhauls today - but girls wear them!

betty said...

How cute with the twins on the stilts!! What a fun time for them I do believe!! I loved when son was young to put him in overalls :) Now my step granddaughter wears a lot of them :) Funny how fashions change over the years and then come back to being the same :) Hubby will wear shorts around the house but not out in public as he says his legs are too white :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Changing fashions through the years.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I remember bare feet, goulashes and overalls. I did the peg leg thing too. I see a lot of the old fashion coming back. I want a pair of overalls again because they were so comfortable. Growing up we were not allowed to wear shorts above our knees. I wore a lot of “peddle pushers or nickers”.

Heading to the office

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lots of fun memories in your post today. I was a brave girl and wore short shorts and sandals in the summer. Never went barefoot much as I as told I'd get warts on my feet if I did. Don't wear shorts much at all any more but when it's hot I wash I had them. My mom said they never wore shoes in the summertime and hated wearing them when school started. Still very cool here in our neck of the words so I ;ll be keeping my socks and shoes on !

Woody said...

I remember "Bib" Overhalls, We up here always called the Buckles and Cloth "Straps" ! We seldom went barefoot being on the Farm and with all the Animals, an sometimes we would go barefoot in the garden in the fresh plowed cool dark ground being turned over in every farrow. We had school shoes, sneakers and boots ! Finally quit raining ! You 2 take care down there, sending down Love ! Gary an Anna Mae

Glenda said...

Lots of memories in this one! Come August, every year new school shoes were a bit bigger ~ too many months of bare feet on the ground! One of my EX-BOYFRIENDS said "you have Freddy Flintstone" feet" Ouch!!!