Friday, May 14, 2021

The Fuzzy Hussy, Stormy Daniel’s daughter.

Memorable Cat car:


For today:


This is Stormy Daniel’s daughter, I call her Tiger Two. That is Tiger 1 or TOM walking into the picture they are jealous.

 Or the Fuzzy Hussy, Yep the little poot has followed in Stormy’s footsteps and brought us a litter. She hid them behind an old safe and cabinet in our storage area.


After I found the litter, she moved them. I looked around and thought I heard purring. Since my hearing is not directional, I asked Sherry to listen and tell me where it was coming from. That little rascal had moved the ‘puppies’ to this ‘whapsidded’ empty box 4 ft off the floor.

She had 5 kitties (I tell her they are puppies.)  She laughed and said you told mama that too, and you see I am a cat! Well she now has only 3, 2 yellow and 1 striped.


I have had trouble with coons. So I am closing the garage door all the way. Mama can go out the hard way to do her business or mess around. The hard way is up this ladder and thru the window. It goes into the new storage area I built under the back deck.

This is the ladder in the storage area she can come down.

 Then she must make her way to this small square cat hole behind the block and make her way thru the lattice work to outside.

 She has no problem going in and out. I am sure the coons could too, if they knew the way. I hope they don’t follow her or Tom.


PS:  This is Tom trying to get in my camera!

PS 2: I am very concerned. This post was an after thought. I put a post on for today about ranstonware (intent) mispell  It disappeared twice. that is wild. I mean GONE!  I was using Chrome and a warning popped up.


betty said...

So cute Tiger 2 is carrying on the tradition of her mom! Adorable "pups". I think you have safeguarded the area the best you can! Let us hope the coons don't find their way in. Crazy out there on the Internet these days. I keep getting messages with some blogs I want to open that the site is not safe and could cause problems. Blogs I got into yesterday with no problem. Just got to be careful out there!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying you and Sherry are well.

God bless.

jack69 said...

I mispelled Ransom---ware on purpose thinking it might have caused the disappearance of my entries, odd thing this AM Both draft entries are back. Will try to post one this evening.

Mevely317 said...

That's heartbreaking about the missing 'puppies.' At least you and Sherry are doing your best to thwart any more of that coon's evil attempts.

That's weird about the disappearing and re-appearing entries. Like Betty wrote, last night when I went to get on Blogland (on my Fire tablet) there kept coming those "Danger Ahead!" pop-ups. If these are the same villains who hijacked Colonial's pipeline, they'd better not be holding their breath for another $5 million dollar payday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That wa very clever of her to hide them in a box. Hope all keep safe in their hide out. Hopefully we'll not be taken over by radome wear. So far I've not had any warnings here. Take good care !The kittens are adorable.

Woody said...

Ah, You old softie, Nice to see another generation following "Stormy" ! Yup, Cats can and do find ways to go into and get into everything, I caught ours trying to get into the Air Intake on our Utica Boiler !
Funeral went well, except buried Nephew in wrong site, had to take him out of Vault, take Vault out, re dig hole, reset vault and put Ryan back in and seal him up, This all went on after everyone left and went to the Wake. I checked on them and made sure it was OK !
GOING FISHING THIS AFTERNOON, Our first Trip out !!! Take Care, Hug your loved ones close and you an Sherry Behave ! Sending down Love from the warming up North ! Gary an Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

You are a softie - can you put in a litter box? They looks so cute.
I got a message yesterday that my Microsoft license is not genuine but it is! Have to work on that today.

Dar said...

Same here. When I tried opening your blog yesterday, a message came up that it could be unsafe. What the heck? I'm glad today's came Stormy Daniel's is carrying on where mama left off. She has pretty cut kittens. Home the coon doesn't figure out the way in any longer. Cats are smart but so are coons, both resourceful critters. loved the pictures.
loven'hugs from up north where we shopped for tomato and pepper plants today. We had to travel an hour but it was very much worth it.

Dar said...

oops, pretty ' cute ' kittens... and ' hope ' the coon ' sorry about the typo's

My Tata's Cottage said...

Oh you are a real sweetheart, I bet you and Sherry were surprised seeing the litter. The cats are really sweet. Not everyone takes time to care for the fur babies. Thanks for doing such a nice job. Our son-in-law Roger, who lives two doors away saw a fox chasing a rabbit in their yard two nights ago. We have long haired chihuahua's so we were alarmed. But all in all the coyotes are the ones that worry me. Our daughter Noelle and Roger have a puppy, but she is a HUGE girl so I do not think any of the wildlife would bother her. We live so close to a local park and there is a body of water so naturally all the wild things love this area. My lazy kitty would be so jealous of the litter and their mom too. He is such a drama king. HaHa
Hoping the new week is a hgreat one.

Lisa said...

The Yellow tabbies are the ones people want. You should not have a problem getting rid of them if you announce it. They are so cute!!!

Nick said no.