Saturday, May 29, 2021

As ready as I will ever be, I guess

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 British luxury auto

1935 Doreen Good's  LAGONDA LG45 4½-LITRE Monte Carlo raCER.

For today:

I have been advised this hike is not the smartest thing I ever did. Hey I agree with that. The smartest thing I did was propose to a girl named Sherry when I was a kid of 17. Not the smartest thing she ever did though was, to say ‘yes,’ to a kid who was a High School Drop out with no real possibilities of a future.

We made it. I am sort of a wreck of a human. During the day I am such a sweet dude.  BUT, but when I sleep, I jerk and move a lot at night. I seldom wake up with her in bed anymore. She has now, during the night, moved to our couch where she wakes up. I am hard to sleep with. She cannot get a good night’s sleep with me anymore.

We have twin beds in BR #2. I have suggested moving to there to sleep, but she shuts down that idea.

I am hoping that a solo hike will heal some of my jerking and jumping at nights. Crowds have begun to bother my mind. But my Sherry on the other hand lives for her group here on Monday Mornings at Hardee’s. She spent her early years with this group. School from the 1st grade to Graduation in 1956.

This time on the trail will be lonely of course, but I hope to do a lot of life searching. I HAD BETTER NOT COME BACK WITH AN IDEA THAT IS CRAZIER THAT I AM. LOL.   I know sailing around the world is OUT!  LOL

Our pastor did mention a few weeks ago that we all needed some ‘Solitary Time’, he will probably think I am taking this to the extreme. LOL

He follows my blog but I am sure he seldom, if ever, reads it. He is probably too busy.

My total weight is 200 Lbs (90.72Kg), dressed, loaded along with my hiking poles. I make up right at 160 LBS (72.57Kg). I actually cut back some things and still the supplies/pack is still 40 lbs. (18Kg).

I will get a chance to talk to a lot of thru hikers and maybe get some good ideas.  See you from the trail if I can figure how to do that on the cell.

Bye to the cats for a few days: 


Nite Shipslog.


Chatty Crone said...

The best of luck and prayers! I know Sherri will miss you. Does she think this is a good idea? Get your thoughts in order!

Glenda said...

Jack, you gotta do, what you gotta do! It's not like being on a battleship in the Greek Isles. Sherry will be waiting for you, as will your wonderful family members! There'll be new "tales to tell", photos to share, and I look forward to hearing all about it.
Bon Voyage Marine, Flyboy, Sailor...Davy Crockett ain't got nuthin on you.....Be Safe!

Love and warm hugs from Chobee, Glenda

betty said...

Jack, if anyone can do this hike it is you! You are the most prepared person I know (along with Sherry). You have thought it out and have what you need. It will be an adventure and I look forward to hearing about it whether you are on the trail or you blog about it when you return. Just be safe and know when enough is enough and you have to step away from the hike for your own safety and well being!


Unknown said...

Prayers for your safety. We'll be thinking of you.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for you on your travels. Take care.

God bless always.

Mevely317 said...

Lifting prayers, Jack. I hope the next few days will bring you a measure of peace -- and clarity, too. 💛

Woody said...

Good Luck, Will be keeping you in my Thoughts and Prayers and Prayers for Sherry also ! If your mind is made up to do this, 'Get er Done" ! But don't over do it ! Slow and Steady wins the Race. Love and Best wishs on your "Trip", Gary an Anna Mae

Dar said...

So this is it. All that needs to be said is, God bless your every step til the jerking and jumping calms down and you and Sherry are sharing the same mattress again. Take heed of the calm before the storm and stay safe.
loven'hugs from up north where we'll be praying for you two. Even the kitties are wondering what's on your mind.

Lisa said...

Oh, Im behind on the post so Im catching up. I love your hiking stories.
I have blogged from my phone before. It’s neat but kinda hard when your eye sight is not the same.