Thursday, May 13, 2021

Nothing much

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 I feel about as crazy as this vehicle looks today.

For today:

WE had a gas problem here, and I read where someone was blaming it on politics, let's spread some hate.

I have been a little down today, seeing HATE rising in our country. We are better than that. We had some wise men that formed the government and our Constitution. They weren’t perfect but they formed an absolutely great country. Diversity was a part of our start. We can hate things like cancer, but we should not hate our fellow citizens.

I will not post the other entries I have rejected today. So this is it, the Reader’s Digest Version.



Mevely317 said...

Well said, Jack. God bless America.

Glenda said...

Jack, you need to pull yourself out of this mode! They'll get the gas up and shipping really soon ~ in the interim, take nature walks!
Every gas tank was covered with a yellow bag over the hose today, at Racetrac ~ NO GAS! AND, FL isn't even served by the shutdown ~ people just freak out. When I say my prayers tonight, I'm asking God to keep his arms around you and Sherry....Love and Hugs, Glenda

Susan Kane said...

In 1974, we drove from Iowa to California. Gas was being sold according to the last number on license plate. Odd #s on one day, even #s on the next.

I find myself feeling the darkness this time is putting out there. God is the Creator, He is All Wise, and so many other words. Hang tight with him. You're an old country boy. We know what it is like to have hard times.

betty said...

Its a mess out there Jack. I think we need to make sure we keep our eyes focused on Who really matters regardless of what is happening out there. And we definitely need to keep on praying!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for you all.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, I ageee very well said today. We are better than that. I love our country and like to think that united we stand.

My Tata's Cottage said...

I pray and keep my eyes upward. God has it all in His hands. Our kids were visiting, from Western NY. They were fortunate to not have hit any problems with gas shortages currently. But our friends in Georgia and friends in SC were hit hard too. We lived through the oil and gas crisis in the laye 70's early 80's. Sad times but somehow ee survived.