Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surprises good and bad

Well when you store furniture in the woods in a trailer you have to expect some losses. Can you imagine the pleasure we have given the mice, rats, snakes and squirrels?

Mouse #1, “hey City mouse, check this out, (inside the nice Broyhill chest) we got a condo!”

City Mouse,”Yeah and smells good too, with the cedar balls over there! and look at this, over here.  If we chew off enough of the frame we can see our selves running around, it is a big mirror!”

damage and love leters 001

Rats nests in every drawer, but the real damage was from the water, let in by chewing creatures.

damage and love leters 004

This is the only New furniture we ever had (I think), I know it was the nicest, we went to a Broyhill  (Braw-hill, native talk) dealer in Lenior, NC where the furniture is made and bought it.

damage and love leters 002

Above is one of the custom night stands  I designed and had my cabinet man build. It has a slide out snack table and a magazine rack in the back. Sorta makes you sick, but these are just things, so they can be repaired or replaced.


damage and love leters 007

I was on a ‘shake down’ cruise in the Caribbean on my first re-enlistment in the USN. I went ashore in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  (Sherry was in her late 20’s before she got a wedding band, and in her 60’s before she got the engagement ring.) Yeah I know that sounds a little backward, but we all know I am weird. Well in Montego Bay I bought this girl a Birthstone ring, Topaz. She seldom wore it, and in all the packing and storing we misplaced it.

damage and love leters 005

Well as you can see, I found it packed away, not bothered by any critters.  I also found Love letters

damage and love leters 008

not touched by rats or mice. Sherry kept all my letters and I kept hers.  These are mine to her.

damage and love leters 009

On the cruises I made a booklet out of her letters. this the the cover of a 6-week North Atlantic Cruise.  I noticed this was over the month of September, so I was at sea on our 12th anniversary also.

Sorta gives you a good feeling to read some of those letters. Funny, I thought I could never love her more, but I think I do.  Military wives with and without children, have a rough time while the mate is away.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Church bulletin bloopers:

Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 10 AM . All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the B. S. Is done.



They built this 1969 Corvair while I was on the North Atlantic cruise. The next year I bought a 1963 (I think) Corvair in GITMO!


Helen said...

That rain really messed up that furniture BAD.

Anonymous said...

How moving a sight the letters. There's a book I love about a rat eating literature called: Firmin, adventures of a metropolitan lowlife by Sam Savage.
During summer months some small animals over here as well.

Please have you all a good Sunday.

betty said...

I think that is so sweet about both of you keeping the love letters Jack and Sherry! We are finding love letters here from hubby's dad to his mom (wife); but haven't found any of her letters written to him, hmmmmmm.....

Sorry about the furniture, but you are right, they are only things and can be replaced or repaired.

But so glad you found the ring! I'm sure there were many a smile when you discovered it!


Fred Alton said...

Whoa, Man, Whoa! So sad what the mice and the rain will do to quality furniture. Sorry for you about that...and believe me I can identify with the feeling after a recent bout of fighting them at the cabin. I think (and I hope) that battle is won for this year, at least. I also understand about that wedding band thing! I was 50 before giving Frances her wedding band. Not because we could not afford - but because we were trying to follow our church's tradition that taught against un-necessary jewelry. ☺

Chatty Crone said...

I love the love letters. sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope you can refinish that nice furniture. I know what damage critters can cause as we've had some in our campers at times. This is the first year that none at all got in over the winter. It's good that you decided to build your nice storage area this year, if you'd waited it may have been much worse.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
We won't tell Ralph Nader you had a Corvair...

Dar said...

Sorry about the furniture, but it really looks repairable...if not by you, perhaps another handy carpenter. I know these things take time but it seems it's worth the try.
As for those 'love' letters, I LOVE that you are both so in love to have held them dear all these years. You guys are a gift. Sherry shares a birth month with my daughter, for her birthstone is also topaz. Snazzy ring!

Ken Riches said...

Glad the important things were undamaged.


It's a shame about the furniture. Those letters were a LIFELINE for sure, for each of you. It's very sweet you kept them all. the TOPAZ ring is GORGEOUS. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to SHERRY. ENJOY! Take care. PS) Please keep my daughter in your prayers. They just discovered 3 spots on her lungs. she's never smoked. And a big mass on her liver. They're going to do a biopsy soon. I am praying with all my heart these things are benign. She's only 36 and has two small children. You never know what the good Lord is going to throw your way. Last week everything was in transition about something else. This week we are confronted with this.

Lucy said...

Oh Jack and Sherry, your beautiful furniture. It makes you sick to see what they did, but isn't it nice your love letters were saved. I am a romantic to. Are those pieces of furniture salvagable. You. are so good with making things right, I do hope so. Sherry. I hope you are more comfortable now. I was doing great till I fell. I should say blacked out, but I think I am ok. I think I had an inner ear infection. I did bump my knee. Don't think I did any serious damage. Happy Mothers day to you Sherry..

shirl72 said...

There is a penalty for creatures
that move in uninvited and worst
when they damage the place where
they live. Hope you can recover
the furniture. Hope you threw
them out and they can't find another place to live.

Hope Sherry is imporving.