Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, yep schedules change

I remember a teacher in one church class saying,”THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE”. As humans we find that truer as we age. I have joked about our Sunday mornings, it is McDonalds before church. No matter where we are, we get two cups of coffee, one biscuit and two jelly packs. We share the biscuit.

We enjoy that quiet time of conversation and people watching. We even make waving and smiling recognition friends, sometimes.  But this morning it is different. A container of Strawberry Yogurt and coffee, with no church.  The arm has been giving Sherry a fit, it cuts off circulation and drives her up a wall. She is ready to remove the cast and start all over again. fortunately, tomorrow is the time for the Permanent cast, I hope is is more comfortable.

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. Oh, did you read Betty’s comment about Doctor’s appointment waits?  She suggests taking the earlier times for appointments to avoid accumulated waiting times.  You guys might have thought of that, I never did. Betty B smart.

Hope your Sunday is great. I have enjoyed your POSITIVE posts today. We need them. LOL

Thanks for coming this way!

Nite Shipslog

PS: (Today’s Church bulletin blooper!)

Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones.


Three 1939 cars, the year I was born!!!! Lots of good things born that year!  LOL


Chatty Crone said...

Or the last one of the day - they want to go home too.

I do hope Sherry gets a better cast tomorrow - tell her to speak up and let them know it hurts.


~mel said...

Oh my!!! I'm gone for a couple weeks only to come back online and see that our lovely Sherry has a boo boo of the major kind!! Oh dear Sherry ~ you are in my prayers for a speedy recovery. I know you're being a very attentive nurse Jack :) ... just don't overdo it with the sponge baths ~ once or twice a day should be sufficient:)

Sherry said...

Jack, I am quite sure you are helping Sherry with every thing but please her treat her as is your QUEEN, hug her easy for us, Sherry please take care and let Jack do everything....this is hopefully just is just a little bump in road. Big hugs to both of you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree, Sherry should let the doctor know just what she is feeling. I hope that the circulation problem improves. That should not be an issue. Casts are aggravating from all I've heard. They get very annoying when you start feeling better and the skin gets itchy underneath. I had what was known as a walking cast the only time I ever broke a bone and that was for my foot and it was removable. I didn't have to endure a permanent one. My prayers continue for you both. Yep all plans are changeable. I learned that lesson more times than I wanted to. Love to you both from sunny Ohio.

betty said...

Poor Sherry! Those casts can be so uncomfortable, temporary or permanent. I can see why it is giving her fits! I hope she won't have to wear the permanent one too long (though I fear it will be several weeks or more). Thanks for the shout out Jack :)

take care of each other and hopefully next Sunday you guys can go back to McDonald's and get back on your regular routine!



Not to be a downer, but the permanent cast is going to be MORE restricting. And be so for quite a while, until the arm has time to heal. Telling you this to warn her. ALSO be sure to tell the doctor about the circulation problem before they put this next cast on so they can adjust for that. I agree with Cathy. Last appointment of the day is the BEST. You've got the doctors full attention before he/she leaves for the day. Tell Sherry to HANG IN THERE. This too shall pass, it's just going to be at a snail's pace. take care.

Helen said...

Sending more prayers Sherry's way. We always try to get to a doc's office early or the first ones after lunch if we can. Seems like we are always tired in the afternoons.

Anonymous said...

Sending you patience, strength and a good week ahead.

Dar said...

Same as Mel, I'm off of here a few weeks and I return to read of your dilemma. So sorry to hear of your fall. My prayers are with you, Sherry, for a successful recovery with your arm. Jack, we just know you will take extra good care of your girl. Bill had to give me sponge baths when I wore the back brace for the first 3 months,...he never complained, but I'm still ticklish just thinking about it. At least the last 3 months, I could finally take it off and shower. Sherry, again, our prayers are coming til this is over. God speed.

shirl72 said...

Tell Sherry to ask the Dr. can't
they put a removable cast on.
Ma said she had one when she
broke her foot and I had one when
I sprung my wrist. It was hook
with velcro. Let me know If I
can do anything.


DD said...

I get my appointments as early as possible, but the trick is to find a doctor that does not overfill his appointment slots.

I wanted to mention something a few posts Sherry was hurt so I didn't say anything. The car that you and she borrowed to go get married in...55 chevy. Believe it or not, I had one (I think it was exactly) like it, color and I remember to this day how excited I was in tearing off the paper lining the doors interior. I first had a ,49 ford, then a 53 chevy...then the 55. Wish I still had it. Lol.