Monday, May 21, 2012

Who hikes the Appalachian Trail?

I have been asked that.  As a matter of fact many feel like my good friend VonDale who said, “Jack, I know you guys can do it, but why would you want to?”

You would have to know Tuck. He is a man of excitement. Mini-cart racing, Moto cross racing, Tennis, Skiing, hunting, flying, digging lakes, etc. A walk in the woods is just not in his make-up!


(Not the Pilgrim, I called him Santa)

You would be amazed the people we met. All walks of life and as many different reasons. I’ll never forget the first ‘OLD’ man we met on the trail. Called himself ‘Pilgrim’. “My age?” he said,”Three score ten. Why? Just always wanted to walk over 2,000 miles, now I have done it.” (He was about 15-20 miles from the end of the journey! Walking South from Katahdin).

Many young folk hike the trail between HS & college. Or between the BS & Masters to clear their minds (they say). Many young ladies do it for the challenge. ‘Cricket’ and two other hikers.

Three hikers Monsoon

One of these guys was ‘Tin Man’, the other name escapes me. They were shopping at the Monsoon General Store for supplies for the 100 mile wilderness.

The General store has a four seat cafe'. WHAT A BREAKFAST! (About $3, ham eggs and homefries)

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08172009 020

“Grandma'” who had already hiked the trail once and was finishing again. Below is some of her family who had come to hike a few days with her.  But she was solo.

08172009 021

Now we met this guy, who was beat, on this steep Mt. I asked could I take his picture, “Do I have to get up?”

Nah, no need.

08172009 038

What do they call you? “In-Tents” a play on “Intense”

Of course to me, the most impressive of all hikers is Bill Irwin. A blind man who hiked the AT ‘SOLO’ with only his dog, ‘Orient’. They were known as the ‘Orient Express’. We had read his book, and I highly recommend it, “Blind Courage”.

On the trail in Maine, we saw a note taped to a tree, “Bill Irwin speaking locally, date, ‘yesterday’.” we had missed it. I mentioned it on my blog and immediately got a response from Bill’s wife.

To cut it short, They graced us by allowing us to buy them a meal in Bangor, if Bill could pick the place (He is a Vegan). Gladly! We had a great time. That would take an entire entry (or book).  (Worth a look for sure)

08272009 00108272009 003

Bill and his beautiful wife Debra (a gracious lady).

08272009 004

Bill’s car tag!

08272009 006

Bill is a well known international motivational Speaker, and he took time to have dinner with us, and discuss the trail. What a story of courage, He is an amazing man.

Thanks for reading and seeing a small sample of the AT Hikers.

Nite Shipslog


Someone said, when you come to a forks in the road, TAKE IT!”


scanoldpic7 042 - Copy

Just felt like showing MY ‘55. Of course my Girl and Mark on the trunk! (I paid $50 for that car!)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No matter age or not, that blind man has to be the most inspirational for sure. My limitations seem nothing compared to that. Giving someone else some inspiration is a wonderful thing and he would have to be good at it with having that wonderful accomplishment in his background. We are only limited by our thoughts. I've found many times over that nothing is impossible. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! The sunshine is out here today and looks like a beautiful day!

Sheila Y said...

I enjoy your hikes through the woods. Have you and Sherry ever camped at Rocky Bayou, near Niceville, FL? Take care, Sheila

Helen said...

I remember the story about the blind man. Now that takes courage, especially with rattlesnakes around.

Chatty Crone said...

Is Mark your son?

Very impressive people on that trail - hiking. You got to meet some very cool people and even have dinner with one. A blind hiker? I think that was so incredible. My son is a hiker. He read all the books about the guys hiking in Alaska. I was kind of worried about him too. He did climb Mt. Rainer in Washington I believe. You kind of remind me of him.
Love, sandie

betty said...

Loved the picture of Sherry and Mark on the car!! Great smiles both of them!! I do remember you telling about Bill Irwin, he truly is an inspiration!! I'll have to put that book down on the my reading list; very impressive with his accomplishments!! WTG to that grandma too hiking the trail alone!! So many adventurous people (including you and Sherry) to hike the trail!


Louis la Vache said...

Wouldn't you like to have that '55 Chevy now?


We are only limited by our fear. Nothing is impossible. bill sounds amazing. But the all of you do to take on this kind of challenge. My brother hikes. I have a new respect for the pastime. that was one beautiful car for $50. Those were the days, weren't they?