Thursday, May 31, 2012

Most stories on the internet news, I do not read or see!

Being in the mountains emphasizes our problem of using the internet, as travelers. I continually click on a story and the dreaded little circle comes up slowly going round and round. 99% of the time I just slide the cursor up to the little red X and click.

Even in the best of reception areas, we are slow, but up here we are like mama used to say, “Slow as cream rising on Butter milk”.


Speaking of that, Churning was a fun time for kids (work for mama) but to see the magic Yellow butter come out of the milk was always a mystery to me. Like my parents, I learned to love butter milk also. The first churn I remember was a big brown pottery-type churn with a wooden lid, thru which the stick hooked to the dasher was attached. Mama moved it up and down(pic above). Later she went to a glass jar (a gallon or two) with a crank and dashers that went round and round.

something like this

(This was neat cause you could see the butter forming)

Around our house Cornbread and milk (sweet or buttermilk) was a staple. There were times I loved to  eat some of mama’s corn bread opened and filled with home-made butter. Now I am not sure where the term ‘Sweetmilk’ came from, but that is what we always called white milk.

765738-this-is-a-picture-of-an-old-milk-truck-the-kind-used-when-they-brought-the-milk-and-ice-cream-to-youmilk delivery

When we lived in town, the milk man delivered our milk in quart jars, with top of the milk (in the neck of the jar) being heavy Cream. My buddy Sonny loved to drink cream until he passed, I never liked drinking just ‘cream’.

new to me

(This must be new, I have never seen cream on top in a plastic jug!)

I have a funny trait, I still shake my milk, like we used to before we drank it (to mix the cream and milk.

Hope your day is good, and you enjoy your cornbread and milk.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes.
When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the
phrase...'Goodnight , sleep tight'

(My first ship LST 1167, the racks were like that. AND one touch of the Bos’n’s sharp knife to that taunt rope would send you to the deck, if you didn’t roll out when he said. It was the guilty sailor’s responsibility to restring it!)

by farendale

An old milk truck with the Milk cans on the back.

Lotta of stories in this truck, I remember many stories about the milk man! LOL


Fred Alton said...

Oh the joys of a fresh gallon of milk straight from the barn. Give me a cup of pure cream off the top if Mama didn't catch me. She wanted us to skim the cream off, place it in one half gallon jar, and we were to shake that jar until butter rose to the top. We never could afford a real churn but shaking and bouncing the jar long enough would do the same thing. Loved all the other products that came from it too. AND THE CORNBREAD to go with it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I watched my grandmother churn many times and did enjoy the buttermilk too. There is just nothing to compare that butter with. It had a taste so unique that butter now a days couldn't touch it. I do love my butter but that was really something special. I also remember shaking the bottles to mix the cream and the milk. Now we get very little butter fat even in whole milk. I always think how blessed I am to have been able to enjoy those experiences. Many do not. Glad at least that you do have a connection there. Thankfully where I camp I get a better connection than I do at home, so I had to resort to internet cable here. I still use my verison at the camper. Hope you all are getting some good rest in and that Sherry is improving and healing more each day.

Lucy said...

My mom's churn was like the one at the top. Guess who got to churn the butter. Hate buttermilk. Never ever liked it. Never cared for cows unpasturized milk. Can't spell it. But I drink quite a bit of milk now. I loved to watch mom knead the butter away from the buttermilk.

Anonymous said...

Mom had a churn like your pic of glass one with red wood...I had many a pat of churned butter (in spring it tasted like wild onions ~ an acquired taste)! I always thought 'sweetmilk' was the opposite of sour milk (ie buttermilk)! I was still having milk delivered to my home in Virginia (1964 ~ 1968) when my son was little (he's 46). It had cream in the neck...the bottles were shaped so you could easily see the cream. While I like buttermilk I never drank just the cream...shook the bottle to mix it in! Modern milk has either had the cream removed OR it has been homogenized! It is funny...I still shake my milk before I pour it...old habits die hard! Cornbread and cold milk sounds good...however I no longer bake...reason being...I bake it, I eat doctor and I don't like that! ;)

When I was a kid the milk truck came down our road every morning to pick up the metal milk containers from the farmers who had milk cows (and got up before the crack of dawn to milk them). We only had one take care of personal milk needs.

Hello to Sherry!


I understand about your internet connection in the mountains. When we went through them in West Virgina, Pennsylvania and Maryland last year, reception was spotty at best. Yep, I remember glass bottles of milk and the MILKMAN. Heard lots of stories about him and the neighbor ladies. LOL Just kidding. Come to think of it, I NEVER have seen cream on top in a plastic jug. LOL Take care.

betty said...

Cool that you still shake your milk, Jack, provided it is not in a glass ;)(of course I realize you shake it in the container :)

I bet that buttermilk did taste good. MIL would always like to drink buttermilk when they traveled; she said it settled her stomach.

The news these days; sometimes it is good that you can't get a good internet connection.

I do remember us getting milk delivered in glass bottles; bet that doesn't happen a lot these days!


Debbie said...

I remember churning butter at Grandma's when I was a kid. Our cow sure did like wild onions and I couldn't stand the smell of the milk after Dad milked her..probably the reason I haven't drank milk in years I only use it for cooking. Gary doesn't drink milk either but he loves milk and cornbread. Can't beat a good old buttermilk biscuit even the frozen kind, haha.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

My grandparents had a milk cow and we got fresh milk and butter from them. As a couple of other posters mentioned, I hated the wild onion flavor when the cows ate them.

There was nothing like good unhomogenized, unpasteurized, cream-on-top, fresh-from-the-farm milk and butter. Sometimes Mama would pour the cream off the top to make peach ice cream. Yummy.

DD said...

I remember very well our milk being delivered to our front door in glass returnable bottles. We got whole milk and chocolate milk for my little brother. I don't believe we got buttermilk.

I missed out on the butter making, but I have that on my list of things to cream from the market...put it in a jar and I made soap already, next may be

Good post, I don't like that little rotating circle

Chatty Crone said...

Gee it is 10:30 and I am still learning. Never had the making of the butter but it was interesting. And I didn't know that was where sleep tight came from. How interesting. I did have milk delivered. lol sandie