Tuesday, May 29, 2012

National ‘Do Not Call’ registry.

In the last few days Sherry has been getting a few telephone survey requests from Politicians or political groups. She hangs up because it is a recording. Sooooo I decided to finally do something about that. I again contacted the national registry……..

ONLY to find that Political, charities and phone surveyors are exempt from the Do Not Call registry. Ah ha, I  did not know that. NOW I DO!

So I guess they continue to take up our minutes and time, not many, of course, because Sherry does not hold it long.

Speaking of telemarketing, they work on the same principal of mass mailers. Once you have purchased or given to a charity your address is valuable. This information comes from first hand information. It was told me by a friend who runs asweat room’ for telemarketing.


They buy addresses from charities. This list is called, guess what? “A SUCKER LIST”, yep instead of being listed as a charitable person, to the telemarketer, you are a SUCKER, albeit, a nice one. LOL

One year I felt charitable and wrote a check to the Salvation Army, because they are known as the most efficient charity in the USA. I have a bad habit of holding down the caps key one letter past the intended letter, so my name at times comes out DArnell. In my letter I done just that. I started getting letters to J. DArnell, asking for more donations. Before long I had other letters from other Charities, to J. DArnell. I learned I was on a Sucker list and it had been sold and re-sold.

I despised  being known as a Sucker. I started sending the letters back with no postage or using their metered envelopes, with all the paper work inside, and no return address.

Some quit but most persisted.

Now there are many good charities in the world today, but I want to give, when I feel like giving, to whom I feel deserves it most.

Most of our charitable giving goes to our local church, knowing that most likely it is not wasted. I might be wrong, but I am not supporting the TV guy with an airplane and a million dollar home. I really do not know him! NOR THE CHARITY where the CEO gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for salary!

That is my rant for today.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair..

( I think that is a lie, since I am bald! Some smart aleck asked me once what color I put down for ‘Hair’ on my driver’s license.) LOL


1933 Ford

Now honestly, it is hard to beat the beauty of this 1933 Ford convertible.  (From a car show in Eustis Florida!)


Woody said...

Anything that comes in the mail with a return postage ebvelope I stuff the envelope full of other peoples advertising and re-mail it back to them,
when a sales person calls, I listen to their offer, answer their questions and when the are done and ask if I am ready to order I tell them I can not but if they leave me there number I will tell my dad they called.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like that idea of sending their info right back to them and using their return mailing envelopes. I just shred them and put them in the trash. After a while it gets tiresome. I don't get many calls on the phone, but I didn't know that charities were exempt. That is my something new for today. We all have to rant once in awhile.


LOVE that cartoon. I hate being pestered by political people on my cellphone. It costs me money. But what do they care??? As for the charities I contribute to... the only time I get anything from others is around Christmas??? so i really can't get mad. Very funny about sending back the SUCKER literature in their paid envelope. take care.

Lucy said...

I to hang up on people like Sherry gets. I have been known to hang upon a human more than once. Especially Dish. Now with Time Warner Cable it shows up on our TV if it is on. I have been known to go look if the TV is on, from another room. I think that Do Not Call registry is useless.I hope Sherry is doing well with healing. At least I didn't have a cast.Are you cooking for her or letting her waste away. Joe has resigned from cooking. Probably just as well since he insists on doing everything else.

Chatty Crone said...

You sound like my husband. I give clothes to Nspire and Goodwill. But they are always calling and reminding me. I am a sucker too. I have a hard time telling people no. I feel like I want to help them out. Now that the husband is retired he is taking care of all my calls for me. LOL sandie

Anonymous said...

Whenever they call over here and I'm on the phone usually they hang up quickly once I say, that I do not speak good the language; which makes me wonder ...

Please have a good Wednesday.

p.s.: on the other hand, I'm proficient in Greek ;)

shirl72 said...

I have the forms that I have filled
out and mailed them to AG's
Office. I am on the do not call
list. I recieved one letter back
saying they will take me off of
their do-not-call-list. But it is a pain in the behind to follow through all the mess. I never answer the phone when it show on my ID. I don't think anything
stops them.

betty said...

Now that is very interesting about the "sucker" list; makes sense why I seemed to get called from every organization when we were more generous with our money. We tithe to church and there are a handful of other organizations at times I'll give money to these days. I do use the note cards and the address labels that are sent from charitable organizations whether I'm going to donate to the or not; figure why not? I didn't ask for them, they sent the stuff on their on accord; if I send it back they won't be able to use it, so I might as well put it to good use myself :)

rant away, I usually always agree with them!


Dar said...

Nothing angers me more than to have a telemarketer or political call during my family time around the dinner table., or worse yet, at 9 p.m.!!! I ask for their name and kindly let them know that I will be contacting the BBB and submitting their number. They always hang up on me, hmmmmmmmmmm. And then there are the ' recordings.' Grrr Give us a break. For petesake, we are intelligent and can make up our own informed minds., don't they know! Phew, thanks for letting me vent!
BlessYourHearts and Wishing Sherry continued healing. :-)Prayers too!

Anonymous said...

I repeatedly (even though I'm on the do-not-call registry) get a robocall which says, "Please consider this your final notice."
The clincher? That is followed by, "Press 3 to discontinue further notices."


Anonymous said...

Oh, and about the political surveys - I answer them because it is special to me when someone actually wants my opinion, lol.
Plus, there is political momentum when the polls show my guy is winning!

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
One of our neighbors has a '32 Ford convertible, same color scheme.

Fred Alton said...

Just opened up this blog today and want to say, "Hooray for you!" and "Hooray!" for all those wise donors who want to know where their money is going. I never have understood how any man (especially in Jesus' name) could take money from the poor to pay the huge salaries to themselves that they reportedly get. A reasonable salary, yes. But not a million (or millions) each year.

DD said...

You know, we are on the Sucker List! I just may try your trick...lol.

I agree. I do not like TV evangalist that prey upon the sick and elderly, preaching sewing seed (in the form of money) instead of preaching Jesus. I keep waiting for some morsel of "Good News", but never hear it.