Saturday, May 5, 2012

Follow up life plans

I have built and sold many houses. My houses were simple two and three bedroom homes, as small as 900 sq ft and seldom over 2000 sqft. The homes over 2000 sqft were custom homes. 
scan1990-91 044
(Our house on South Main St. Belmont)
I mostly built ‘speculative’.  I liked it that way, every decision was mine. My code has always been: “I will  build nothing I would not live in.” My homes were complete with all appliances and normally a dishwasher. I have installed garbage disposals on occasion, but mostly at the buyers request at no additional cost.
scan1990-91 076
(Ben & I in the one extravagance we allowed ourselves, an indoor heated pool)
I sold to one sharp lady who even squeezed an installed washer and dryer out of me at no additional cost. LOL
scan1990-91 007
(The grand kids loved to play in the houses as they were being built. When Reece was little I would hang a swing from the ceiling joists for her)

I had friends who were General Contractors also, many laughed at me for not charging for appliances and ‘any extras’.  My answer was always, hey guys, I am happy with my profits. (One of these guys who made millions, died broke)
scan1990-91 057
(NO! I didn’t build this one, this one is the home used for the set in Dallas, Anyone remember J.R. Ewing?)

I would always come back with, you guys are selling a $78 + $49 labor, garbage disposal, for over $300 when you add that to the financed costs, that is not fair to the buyer.
scan1990-91 086
(Sherry andI were just as happy in this 24’ motor home as anyplace we ever lived!)

Now if you doubt me, figure a 30 loan of $117 at 6%. That is what you are paying when you add these small things to your house price. If a disposal does not come in the package it is much better to do without or save your money and install one yourself.
I miss building, just like most folks miss their chosen profession. Many time we miss the camaraderie rather than the job. Retirement is great for us. I can do a little building and construction stuff, mostly for free, to keep my hands busy.
This present job of course is for us.   That makes it a little more fun. This job is nearly thru.
Thanks for stopping by and reading this drivel.
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PS:  (Church bulletin blooper)
Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days.
The Henry J was around for a few years, I remember the Henry J for one reason. Roger S., who was older than I by three years, stole one in 1950. He was caught a couple hundred miles down the road trying to sell the spare tire for gas money. What was unique, Dad being his pastor and Roger’s dad, talked to the Judge and the car owner; then Roger was allowed to go home with a promise to stay out of trouble. He had not damaged the man’s car, and the owner was willing to let it slide. Roger never again got into trouble.


betty said...

I actually enjoyed reading this "drivel" Jack. It is neat that you found something you enjoyed doing and could make a living from it! And to be honest and fair about it too! That is a rare commodity these days!


Ken Riches said...

Nothing worse than idle hands.

Paula said...

Yep I remember old J.R. How refreshing to know there was a builder so fair. Jack not J.R. I bet you could find a lot of mistakes in my house even I can.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have the best of both worlds there. No matter where you are you find some work to do that you love it seems. I'm spending a lazy Sat. morning here. I do have some work to do but not much at all and I'm enjoying just being able to relax. I do try to do as much of that as is possible you know. Glad your work for now is almost completed. Hope you both have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Don and I enjoyed building the little house we built...hard work, great fun! Something pretty special about seeing ones house grow from the ground up! and we paid for it as we went along...when we finished (6 months later) the house was paid for!

Somewhere today I said we'd never paid off a house...forgot the one we built! and oh yeah we paid cash for the first singlewide we had...gosh has my memory gone down the toilet or what!

love the Henry J photos...thank goodness Roger S was in no more trouble! takes a village to raise a child...Roger would be doing time in this day and age!

Chatty Crone said...

How nice to be able to build a home from bottom up. The way you want. Love the heated pool. I do remember JR - and did you know they are starting that show back with him again? Love your motor home. So when you finish where will you go? Love, sandie

shirl72 said...

You know I loved the house on
Main Street. I would loved to live
in that one. When I drive by I look for a "For Sale Sign". LOL. I could have done without the
pool but love the location.


Fred Alton said...

Hi Jack! I'm back. Boy-oh-boy, have I been sick or what? Yes, but I'm beginning to feel more normal again. Guess it's time for me to get another chemo treatment. I always love reading you blog.

Jean said...

I like to do things like building and painting just like to see the results when it's finished. You do a great job. Some guy built him a home some years back down on 29 south from Andalusia and named it South Fork after Dallas we rode by once and I wanted to take a picture but Grover was driving and wouldn't stop. It looks just like the house on Dallas off the road and all. I'll go back by again when we're over that way and get a picture. Take care. Jean


I have NEVER owned a home built from scratch. But my parents did. And as a small child I remember how much fun it was to pick out the appliances, light fixtures, doors, tile, fixtures, siding, roofing etc. Was a thrill to be sure. Putting a roof over people's head is an honorable profession, Jack. You served it well. take care.

Helen said...

You built some neat houses in your time. I hope Sherry is doing good and healing well.

Woody said...

Glad to see your post as usual, finally warmed up and we went FISHING today !!!!!!!