Sunday, May 13, 2012

To be original, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”

I hope all the mothers out there have a great day. I know you are remembered and loved.  If someone forgets, it is the MALE genes in him. If a guy forgets it is probably because he is divorced or single.  We depend on the ‘clock and date’ brain of the female.  It is a fact men are more prone to forget special days than the female part of the human race.  I have to admit, at least once, I forgot Sherry’s birthday. I had several ‘great excuses’ but none held water when the ‘rubber met the road’.

Mother's day 047Mother's day 055

(Jack Jr., Steve and Josh took Sherry out for dinner Sat.)

A few years later the TV happened to be on and John Hagee, Paula’s neighbor in San Antonio, was on the air. He said, “Men, I have the foolproof way of never forgetting your wife’s birthday,” (my ears perked up) after a pause he continued, “Just forget it one time!”  I called to Sherry, the man is a genius! LOL

Mother's day 056

(Mark, took us out today for Mothers Day!)

Anyway there is nothing in this world that means more than the title, “Mother”.

My dad was a preacher, he very seldom got LOUDLY upset, but when he did, mama was his sounding board. Once, I heard it. Some minister had hurt dad’s ego, mom said, “Frank the man is under a lot of pressure, his church isn’t doing well.”

momanddad - Copy (2)our wedding 2 001a - Copy

(My mama Grace Missouri Loyd Darnell)

Dad said, “Grace, you would find something good to say about the devil!”

Mama very sweetly, “ Honey, he does work hard!”

Then they both had a good laugh. I was in the kitchen and had a smile myself.

scanoldpic7 065 - CopySusie1

(Sherry’s mama, Susie Hawes Harris)

Sherry had a wonderful mother also, she died in my arms. What a wonderful Mother-in-law. NEVER a bad word to say about anyone, and her WORD was as good as gold.

My mama loved the position of pastor’s wife. I never once heard her complain. Early in life when food was scarce, she could make the best water gravy.

She knew stuff, One Saturday Roy Rogers was playing at the show.  I stole 50 cents from her purse. I put it in my shirt pocket. Mama was on front porch when I went out.

Jackie, your shoe is untied.” (it was) I bent down to tie it and the money hit the porch.

All she said was, “Where did that come from?”

I cried, confessed, I gave her the money. She hugged me, and said, “ Now you go play.” That was my mama in a nutshell. THE BEST!

(Yeah, I know, Your mama was the best.  Funny ain’t it, all mamas can the best, truly!!!!)

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Church bulletin blooper:

The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday

(Everything is getting electric nowadays)


1964 stude hawk

1964 Studebaker Hawk! Hood UP


Hood down.



Helen said...

I hope Sherry had a great Mother's Day. From the looks of it she did.

shirl72 said...

I know Sherry had a good Mothers
day with her Sons and Grandchildren
helping her celebrats.

We must not forget Mothers..


Chatty Crone said...

I loved the pictures of your family and how nice it was to take y'all out. You and Sherry look so in love. And I really enjoyed the stories you told about your mother and how wonderful she was. So sweet. Happy Mother's Day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does look like Sherry had a great Mothers' Day. It isn't over yet. I've heard from all my crew in one way or another, but didn't go out to eat. Mom's are special. Where would we be without them.

betty said...

I liked the pictures of your and Sherry's mothers; what a wonderful tribute to them! And so neat that Sherry got to enjoy a meal with both of her children in close proximity to Mother's Day (and you got to go along for the ride :)

Moms are very special indeed; unfortunately sometimes we forget how truly special until it is too late and they are no longer with us.

I do believe most women go into motherhood prepared to do the best they can; some succeed better than others; seems like your and Sherry's moms were at the top of that list!!

Happy Mother's Day Sherry!!!!



WONDERFUL stories about your moms. I hope Sherry had a terrific MOTHER'S DAY. Take care.

DD said...

What a good post for this special occasion. I am sure Sherry and you enjoyed the day. Glad Sherry is doing well.

Our children, grandchildren and the two youngest greats came over yesterday. We enjoyed every

You are right, my mother was actually the best Seriously, she was a wonderful Christain lady and had a good easy life. I will always miss her.

Thank you for the good and funny read to start my day!

Fred Alton said...

Yes, My Mom was/is the BEST! (Glad you remembered that.) ☻ At 91 she is still going strong. All of her children went out with her for Brunch on Saturday, and someone paid for her lunch. She's still such a joy. I'm sure you must miss your wonderful Mom too. I'm glad to say I got to meet her and find all of your stories of her to be truthful and right. You were blessed with wonderful parents.