Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There are people I absolutely despise!

I have never MET anyone personally that I absolutely despised, however, on the inter net I have met a few.

I had a good friend and brother in law, Jim. He was married to my little sister Shirl. Sherry and I received a devastating phone call, Jim told us, “I have esophageal cancer. It sounds like a death sentence, but I will fight it.”


I told Jim then, “If anyone can beat it, you can.” (Jim was the picture of health, I just knew he would make it.)

I immediately started searching and researching ‘esophageal’ cancer. VERY SMALL survival rate, low single digit, survival rate. In searching I found a ‘Sure Cure’. A person out of Canada had the cure for this terrible menace. Along with personal and customer testimonies of miraculous recoveries.  Even had the GALL to offer a money back guarantee. They even had testimonies of folks who took this cure at the last minute and are living today!

The net also gave many responses:

FAKE! SELLING FALSE HOPE! The cure was filled with families who were so upset, at the fool who sold ‘FALSE HOPE!

I remember an interview with John Wayne, he said confidently, “I will beat this!” Remember Steve McQueen? He fell for some offer from Mexico, a sure cure.

I DO NOT BELIEVE the stories that say: “Doctors do not want to cure cancer”, OF COURSE THEY DO! Doctors are human, They wouldn’t mind world wide fame, remember Salk? Certainly!  The cure for Polio. He has a place in history FOREVER.

NOW, for a fact, I have friends who are CANCER SURVIVORS. They were fortunate to have doctors who gave them the proper treatment. They were fortunate to have a type of cancer that Medical Science has a good record of supplying the cure. There are testimonies of miraculous Healings of cancer. THERE ARE SURVIVORS, THANK GOD!

But shame on the guy who promises a cure when there is none. A SILLY money back guarantee. The shyster knows, if you have the $50, $100 or $500, and you have been given no hope, that you might say, “What the heck is $500, what have I got to lose? and send it in.”  He, knowing all the time he has just conned another dying man.

Now, something's are not as bad. Not life saving, OR THREATENING, BUT, Vanity! WOW do folks prey on Vanity. look at this, do you believe it?


For only $8, you can look 30 years younger! Bull CRAP!

I’d try the Prep H cure First!!!

Thanks for coming this way!

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PS: Signs of note…..

In a Podiatrist's office:

"Time wounds all heels."



the 1957 Chevy, one of the most recognized classics.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of my DIL's father just passed away from that same type cancer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they did find a cure for it and all cancers. People are always trying to take others for their money, but thankfully I don't pay any attention to them. People who cling to this life as we know it, just don't really don't get the message. We are all going to get old and die someday. Being content with who and what you are is a far better thing to be. For me, I don't worry. I know there is a better place to be. I'm just trying to enjoy each day as it come as all life is a gift.

Anonymous said...

people who commit deceiving those with life threatening illnesses are the lowest of the low...almost (my lowest vote has to go to people who molest children)!

nice looking Chevy!

Chatty Crone said...

What about Steve Jobs? He would be alive had he not gone for nontraditional treatments first.

Chatty Crone said...

PS I hope he does well! Sandie

Helen said...

I agree with you Jack.

Y said...

Good post, Jack. My poor husband was plagued by those who believed shysters with great "bedside manner" over those who told the truth from a scientific perspective.

betty said...

I hate deceit, so anyone who promises something that cannot be delivered is being deceitful in my books. I would think doctors would want to have a cure for cancer; I can't imagine how hard it is for those who choose to go into that field to deal with the devastation of it all, especially when it affects little kids.

hope all is going well in Sherry's recovery!!


shirl72 said...

Esophageal cancer is inoperative.
A man that sat in the waiting
room waiting for radiation treatment said he had his operated
on and it was a very painful operation and it came back. Jim was stage 4 before he knew it was
there. It is a strange type of
cancer. If is a death sentance. I do questions the Dr's knowledge about cancer.

If that wrinkle cream was any
good they could not make enough
and every would be knocking on
the door to get a jar..LOL

I will just grow old gracefullly
with things that do help. Like
take of yourself.

Paula said...

I've heard good old fashioned lard cures wrinkles. Hee hee if you ever see me you will know I haven't tried it yet.

Jean said...

I agree with you. They say Prep H is good for wrinkles thinking about giving it a try, lol. I had a nephew who died from Esophageal cancer at a young age. I think it is one of the worst kind.I hope Sherry's arm is feeling better and maybe it want be to much longer in that hot cast. Take care. Jean

Anonymous said...

oh ! did not know anything about this before.

from where i come from, before/after pictures are against the law.

please have you all a kind thursday.


I had a friend who was dying of cancer and her and her husband flew to another country because they supposedly had a cure there. They only thing they did was take a dying person's money. So sad. desperate people will believe anything. yep, you're right that shark's oil in Prep H is suppose to smooth wrinkles. LOL Take care.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, this is a very important subject! It too, detest the greedy blood-suckers who prey on the un-informed with promises of "hope and change" when, and in areas where there are none. Of course the Bible said, "Now remaineth faith, HOPE, charity..."!My doctor seems to feel I'm beating this colon cancer through chemo-treatments. He has attempted to give me hope from the very start. But - better yet - I cannot forget what Jesus said to me, "I'm healing you!" Now THAT IS HOPE "that maketh not ashamed."

Ken Riches said...

I absolutely hate false advertising, and a close second are all the medication adds.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» remembers both his mother and grandmother having a butter churn like you showed. In the farm country out east of where «Louis» lives, he has spotted an old milk truck like the blue and white one you show. It would be nice to see the other one you show restored.

In '57, GM offered that mechanical fuel injection as an option on the Chevy, on Pontiacs and on the Corvette. Ford built a few '57 T-birds with mechanical fuel injection. Had Packard been able to build the cars they had planned for '57, they would have had mechanical fuel injection as standard equipment on the Patricians, Four Hundreds and Caribbeans, an industry first had it happened.

DD said...

I am not familiar with this type cancer, but in any form it is scary. Doctors can almost work miracles these days and that is wonderful, but the Great Physician can. Yes, He can!