Friday, May 18, 2012

Learning something new!

I read Ken’s blog: , he is an engineer in the nuclear field and always seems to dig up the latest in technology. Yesterday it was a new design of the airplane.

I also have a Cousin, Ken Herron, an engineer, and writes a column in Calhoun, GA. Today he shocked me with the news that diesel is the most expensive fuel to produce. I always thought it was cheaper. There was a lot of technology in his column today about diesel fuel.  He states that there are now more vehicles fueled by diesel in Europe, than gasoline. Cars there, getting 50 mpg and lasting forever (as diesel engines seem to do).

They are not allowed into the USA because of our commitment to steer away from fossil fuels and go to electric power.

Something else new to me.  I have used Google earth to see where my friends live and see areas where I am not allowed to drive (BTW, I am still searching for Jimmy’s AREA 51). Now, another friend, Jim Page, has sent me this address:

(If you click the address above and type in your address you will see your house. (It will cycle thru a few address before it gets there, but it will). You will also see what your neighbor is hiding behind that fence! BTW, it is supposed to be world wide)

It is more up to date than any surveillance map I have seen yet.

Ewing drive

That is our house, rented by our son Mark, with the gray roof. the white is our RV & carports. You can see the amount of asphalt we laid. The picture does not, of course show the latest storage shed, haha.

Anyway today was a day for learning something new. I will look at a few more addresses.

Amazing the information that is available on this internet!!! I have gone to GITMO and Bagdad, via satellite. Wow, I just visited pier 12 in Norfolk where the USS Independence (CVA-62) was homeported (I lived on the Indy for a couple years.)

pier 12

The Indy is in mothballs, Pier 12 now services the USS Harry Truman (CVN75) lower, and the USS George HW Bush (CVN77) upper, our normal berth for the Indy.

Is this amazing or what?

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


It is nice here in the Mountains (our picture window)

Green mt 001


Car of the day:

Walt Austin’s aluminum Willys coupe at Jim Hume's shop

handformed willys coupe aluminium2

Hand tooled 40’s Willys, all aluminum.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your new ac adapter works great! Tried the address thing and it's even my car sitting outside the apartment. Metallic blue Ford Focus!

Doctors are something aren't they...I think they tell a person less time for healing in the beginning to keep a positive attitude in the patient!

Now I understand about your rent it to your all makes sense now!

Chatty Crone said...

I find this absolutely fascinating. You have a pretty home there - your shed must be near the trees.

Thanks for the site - I am going to go check my house out.


Melanie said...

Hi Jack!!! The "Jar head" on my header pic is Brother #1 !!! on his wedding day!!


Glenda said...

Looks like you two are in a wonderful spot to get some R & R! And, a wealth of good info in your entry, it IS amazing
what's out there, a little bit scary too :) Hugs...Glenda

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know...& I find the "see your house" ..or see anyone's house~ technology creepy.

Jean said...
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Jean said...

I checked this out and it shows my house back last year are longer and it should be 2012, I don't have the green car on the carport anymore and we have more Grass. Lol. Looks like its showing were you live more updated. I like it, it’s easier then Google Map. You have a beautiful view from your picture window. I love the mountains. Enjoy enough for me. Take care.

shirl72 said...

It is something what you can find
out on the Internet.

Glad you have a good view from
your home. You can read, relax and
look at the view I almost forgot and eat.


Paula said...

I too like the view from your picture window but who wouldn't? I just heard on the news San Antonio is getting some new buses that run on some kind of compressed gas and now I can't remember what kind they said. The buses looked really streamlined. My ex-son-in-law once showed me how to look up farms and ranches with every out building.

Lindie said...

I looked up my house and could barely see a part of the roof, even rotating the view. I have 7 large trees in the yard which pretty much shade to whole lot. I wonder if they ever update these in the winter. At least my AC bills are low!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the view from your picture window. Technology is something but we still don't have a cure for the common cold. It was a beautiful day here at my place in the woods. I had to pay a young man to cut the grass here again as still none of my family are camping. We each have to care for that ourselves or pay for the service. Hope you are enjoying some nice weather there.

betty said...

It is truly amazing what one can find on the internet. Just for fun at times I google our names to see what if anything comes up. What I don't know is how did we ever live without it? Cool view of your house!!


Ken Riches said...

Thanks for the link and shoutout :o)

Rose said...

I loved the link to "Show me my street". Thanks for sharing.

Hugggggggggggggggggs, Rose

Louis la Vache said...

That's one fine Willys!

«Louis» likes the shot of the carriers, too!
The U.S.S. Hornet, CV12, is now a museum and is berthed nearby at Alameda. It is at Pier 3 of the old Naval Air Station, the same pier where Hornet, CV8 took on the B-25 bombers for the famous Doolittle raid over Tokyo in April, 1942.


I'll look up my house and everybody's in the family. GREAT link. Thanks. Take care.