Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Monday

I have seldom dreaded Mondays. For the most part I could not wait to get back to work, today is a little different, especially for Sherry. When we are in Belmont she dearly loves to go to Hardees at 0900 on Monday;  sit and shoot the breeze with OLD friends and some class mates. But today, she missed that.  Today is ‘solid cast’ time.

She has been very uncomfortable with the temp cast; it cut her circulation and she felt very uncomfortable, nearly to tears. 

I am mister fixit. I got a pan of water and told her to soak it and I would loosen it.  It did not loosen, I looked closer, it is not plaster, but fiberglass.  Water is not gonna soften that stuff. LOL on me. So we unwrapped it and loosened the outer bands.

Here is the latest in fashion:

Sherry's cast 002

The true to the woman’s nature, “It doesn’t match my outfit!” LOL  Anyway, she is ;more comfortable now and hopefully the worst has past.

I was reading the instructions with the cast. “Do not slide anything under the cast, ie: ruler, coat hanger or any foreign object!  We are humans and if possible to scratch an itch we will.  I feel like Maxine and q-tips:  “If you are not supposed to put them in your ear, where are you supposed to put them?”

We are back home safe and sound and Sherry wanted to see the building.

Sherry's cast 006

I didn’t mention it, but the deck is built around a power pole that was installed to hold the back yard light.

Sherry's cast 005

The drywall is bedded and taped, I think that is the way it will remain.

Sherry's cast 003

Looking back out the door.

Sherry's cast 004

Washer and dryer are in place. I repaired both and now they have been tried with one load.

Sherry's cast 007

Our swing where we hope to spend some time.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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PS: Another Church bulletin blooper:

Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use large double door at the side entrance.

1934Studebaker-Dictator-b1935 duesenburg

There is something about the sweep grill that makes this 1934 Stud favor the 1935 Duese


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you have been there and back already today...I do hope Sherry feels much better and that she'll heal quickly and have that cast off in no time at all. I love porch swings and do have one here at home. Enjoy it while you can.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay now she is Pretty In Pink and much happier too. I'm glad and I'm happy with how you tried to relieve her pain.

Now can I ask a dumb question I should have asked before - is this addition you are building for you or your son?


Cher' Shots said...

I was gone for 2 weeks ~ what happened to Sherry's arm? I know all about itchy casts - I broke my back when I was 12 and the horse did a somersault coming down on top of me. I wore a body cast and against drs. advice I scratched with a knitting needle. It helped temporarily. Hope you get relief soon Sherry.
'love & hugs from afar'

Anonymous said...

You'll have to sign your name and put a little love note on Sherry's cast!

Paula said...

Sherry is looking as pretty as ever. Glad you all got that over with. Fast healing to her.

DD said...

Sherry is a beauty queen in her hot pink cast. What she needs now is a hot ORANGE outfit to wear with it. I am serious. I have not seen as much orange and pink together since I was in high school.
The building is looking good. I am sure Sherry will get some good use of it yet ...and her stairs.
Well wishes to Sherry and to you, on her arm.

Sheila said...

Looking good, Sherry.
I broke my wrist last year, motorcycle crash. Had to wear a temporary cast for 10 days because they installed a plate and 8 screws. I stretch the temp cast enough to lightly rub the skin that itched. Glad I only had to wear the thing 10 days because the cast was driving me nuts :(

betty said...

Sherry looks so nice in her hot pink cast! I think it looks cool! I'm glad she's more comfortable now with it and hopefully should heal soon! Everything is looking great with the building!!


shirl72 said...

Love the hot pink. Glad that is
over and now I hope she will not
have to wear it long and can get
a temporary one which is more confortable.

Building looks good hope you are
through and time to rest.


Helen said...

Glad that she is now more comfortable. When ken was in pest control we went to a home that was loaded with German roaches. A teenager lived there with his parents. He had a cast way past his knee and he was using a coat hanger because bugs had got down in the cast. He asked Ken to spray roach killer down in that cast. Ken told him no way was he touching that.

Melanie said...

?????? What did you do to sweet Sherrie????

Hope she heals up quick!!


Sheila Y said...

Hot pink! Good choice, that is the color Cori and I picked for our first casts. Though my wrist wasn't broken just the ligamints and such damaged. Had to wear mine four weeks. Mine was also water proof on the inside, Cori's wasn't. Hope Sherry heals fast and is pain free. Take care, Sheila

Dar said...

Hot in pink, Sherry! Bill would have a story for you about hot pink....someday he'll tell you all about the gal that's pretty in pink.
Glad you finally have a solid cast. Take care...for awhile anyway. Looks like Jack's doing pretty good at the building...very nice to have a place for him to do the laundry., and a swing to snuggle on. Do take care.

Sherry said...

I hope Sherry is feeling better with the new cast, thinking of yall, hugs, Sherry


PRETTY in PINK. LOVE the cast. Mine was boring and white. The building looks GREAT. I want to move in? You're not taking renters are you?

Lucy said...

Sherry, I love the color of your cast, but it is probably a bit hard to get it to go with outfits. Jack, you are, of course treating her with extra care. Hope new cast is more comfortable. Now I am speaking from experience, I do hope that your loving care giver is not hovering to much. Things are looking better here but therapist says it is great to feel you can do everything, but slow down so now I am back to being hovered over. You 2 take care. Good things and bad things are what makes the world go round and life is not easy, but we get past things.